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How to Send Flowers Anonymously?

When it comes to sending flowers anonymously, we find some mixed views on whether it’s a good choice or looks creepy.

Some people love receiving anonymous flowers, while others do not like the idea because sending flowers anonymously creates an air of mystery and sometimes confusion as well.

However, it’s a fun and exciting way for couples who want to express their incessant love and can’t stop falling for each other. Because sometimes, it feels good to show your unconditional love and affection for someone without letting them know.

When you send flowers to your loved ones without mentioning your name, you feel happy that they will have a better day because of your kind gift; while you also have a thrill and excitement that whether they will find out who sent the gift or not. It’s just a beautiful gesture to make people feel loved and special at times when they are experiencing a rough time in their life.

So, if you are ready to send flowers anonymously to surprise your dear ones, it’s time to have a look below and find out some interesting tips and tricks that may ensure successful delivery without making you look creep.

Know your recipient and judge their reaction:

For sending anonymous flowers to someone, it’s important to know their choice and judge whether they will feel thrilled, excited, and happy or just get confused and hyper for the mysterious surprise.

If you have a great understanding with your recipient, you can even include some clues with the bouquet that help them figure out and they feel happy to know that you care.

Also, remember that not everyone feels happy receiving anonymous flowers when they have the least ideas about who the sender could be. Now it’s up to you to find out whether they will get excited with the gift, or rather feel unhappy and anxious.

It’s better to consider the situation and mindset of the recipient. If they are a fun, jolly, and lively person, they might enjoy receiving your flowers. But if they are introverted and serious, you might feel regret seeing their reaction.

Do not send anonymously to someone in a relationship:

Before sending flowers to someone anonymously, make sure the recipient is not in a relationship as it may cause some unnecessary stress between the couple which leads to questioning. Because when the person receives flowers from a mysterious sender, the other partner may feel a bit insecure which creates tension between the two of them.

Think about the right bouquet:

After some careful considerations, now think about the right bouquet that could actually please your recipient and brighten up their hectic day.

If you know their choice, sending their favorite flowers might be a great choice to surprise them. In other cases, if you have the least idea about what type and color they would love the most, go for red roses. It would be quite appropriate especially if the recipient is your significant other or the person you love the most.

However, if it’s an old friend or colleague you haven’t met in a while, then sending them red roses might create confusion. Choosing yellow flowers would be suitable that may help convey the right message and brighten up their day.

Include the right message with your flowers:

Every gift starts with expressing love and feelings for your dear ones. Bear in mind that the beautiful flowers you are planning to send are more than a simple bouquet, it’s a thoughtful message for someone.

Figure out what message do you want to convey? Do you want to tell them that you constantly think about them? Did someone do something great for you or achieved a big milestone in their life? Or you just want to say, “You really mean a lot” and “I am thankful to you”?

In most cases, when people send anonymous flowers they usually want to say “I love you” as they couldn’t gather any courage to do that in person. And sometimes they want to let that thrill and suspense begins until the recipient figure out who sent the flowers.

Well, whatever the situation is, choose symbolic flowers that truly reflect your feelings. If you want to confess love, go for red roses. And if you want to wish someone good luck, choose a mixed bouquet of roses. However, if you want to make your friend feel surprised and happy, get yellow flowers that are the ultimate symbol of friendship.

How to send flowers anonymously?

If you want to send anonymous flowers to someone while being fancy and mysterious at the same time, make sure you are choosing the right flower delivery services in Hamilton. Your online florists could play a vital role to keep that curiosity and help deliver the desired message with the right bouquet.

Therefore, at Flower Delivery Hamilton, we make sure that we do not reveal the identity of the sender while keeping all their information safe and confidential.

We keep your surprise and information anonymous until you want us to reveal it. All your recipient will get is a surprising bouquet with a notecard (if you wish to include it).

If you are ready to send the flowers anonymously, let our experts do the job. We help you choose the right bouquet that may suit your recipient’s personality and reflect the true message you want to deliver. When your recipient receives such a perfect bouquet, they may feel shocked yet appreciated when they figure out the sender.

Select the bouquet you want to send, include your message, and enter all the information of your recipient to get the bouquet delivered to their doorstep.

So, if you don’t mind sending an anonymous bouquet, then order your flowers online today and make them feel shocked, surprised, and happy at the same time.