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Flower Facts- Types of Lilies and their Meanings

Lilies are one of the most glorious, recognizable, and bestselling flowers of all the time that usually fits every budget, occasion, and personality.

Whether decorated in an elegant crystal vase or decorated in a classic bouquet, they always look bright, cheerful, and amazing. Therefore, when it comes to sending flowers to your dear ones, most people go for lilies for their bold, vibrant, and attractive appearance.

Well, there are a lot of surprising things about lilies that make them a more wonderful choice to consider. Their history, beauty, color, scent, elegance, and meaning behind every shade makes them a prominent choice than other flowers.

Read onto discover some important facts, history, types of lilies, and their meanings.

Meaning of Lilies in Greek Culture:

According to research, there are approximately 80-100 lily flower species exist and they symbolize peace and purity. The first picture of the flower has appeared in 1580 BC.

So, in Greek culture, it’s a common belief that the lily flower was first bloomed from the breastmilk of the goddess Hera, who was the wife of Zeus.

Therefore, the flower is considered pure and an ultimate symbol of motherhood and eternal love. In fact, due to the purity and elegant history, most brides and women use lilies in their crowns. The trend was extremely popular in ancient times, and people loved to adore lilies as a symbol of peace, gracefulness, and purity.

What are true lilies and their shape?

One of the most important things that confuse many people is, the name “lily” appearing with other flowers. They assume they all are lily flowers or somehow belong to the same class or species. However, the fact is, the other flowers such as Lily of the Valley, water lily, daylily, and Calla lily are not the true lilies and are just the name of some other flowers that completely look different from true lilies.

So, the question is, how would you differentiate a true lily from the same names of flowers?

You can do it by their flower species and the class they belong to. Other than that, you can also differentiate them by their physical looks. For example, true lilies have a bulb-type shape. The flower features 6 anthers and 6 petals. Also, they usually grow from 1-10 feet in height.

Popular types of lilies and their meanings:

Lilies are the beautiful, traditional and classic kind of flowers that never goes out of style and trend. Their soft petals and colorful shades make them a preferred choice for every person. In fact, they have ranked 2nd in the list of bestselling flowers.

However, they also have a lot of types with each type has several amazing properties and features.

  • Stargazer oriental lily:

Stargazer Oriental lilies are the most fragrant type of flowers that generally grow strong in the evening. They have broad lilies as compared to other types of lilies, plus their anthers produce a lot of pollen. They come in white, creamy, pink, and purple-red shades.

  • Trumpet lilies:

Trumpet lilies are another popular type that usually comes in different beautiful shades of yellow, pink, white, orange, and cream. They also have a star-shaped throat in highly attractive contrasting shades.

  • Orienpet lilies:

These types of lilies are the most common summer flowers. Orienpet lilies are somewhat like a cross between trumpet lilies and Oriental hybrids. The flowers exist in a shallow trumpet shape before they get opened into full broad bloom.

  • Canada Lilies:

The Canada lilies are mostly available in orange or yellow shades and have recurved petals. Their plants grew between 2- 4 feet tall, and have each stem produce whorls of almost 3 to 8 leaves at several intervals along the total length of their stem.

  • Asiatic Lilies:

Asiatic lilies are comparatively easy to grow but unfortunately, they have zero to no scent. Due to their availability in different color ranges and patterns with huge flowers shape, they are the most favorite flowers to grow in every garden.

Meanings of Lily flower colors:

There are different meanings behind each color of the lily flower. These exotic flowers are the great embodiment of grace, royalty, purity, calm, and peace.

So, their meanings usually change depend upon the color of the petals. If you love sending flowers to your friends and family, here you need to look at different colors and their meanings so you can send the most appropriate lily arrangement.

  • White lilies: This color symbolizes modesty, rebirth, purity, and innocence due to its clean, perfect, and immaculate appearance.
  • Yellow lilies: This beautiful color represents cheer, brightness, and happiness. The bright yellow lilies also symbolize good fortune, great health, and healing.
  • Red lilies: These are the most popular color types of lilies as it symbolizes passion, romance, and love. The blood-red lily flowers are perfect to send to your significant other on the occasions of birthdays and Valentine’s Day.
  • Pink lilies: This is the most elegant feminine color that represents love, prosperity, luck, and abundance. The flower also means ambition and motivation, which is a perfect fit to send to your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Orange lilies: If you want to wish someone luck or good fortune, sending orange lilies is a great option as it represents confidence, wealth, motivation, and encouragement.

An interesting fact about lilies:

Did you know the lily flower is super toxic to cats, dogs, and other pets?

When the flower is exposed to cats and dogs, they cause indigestion, kidney failure, vomiting, and much more. Therefore, make sure you are not exposing the flower to the animals due to their poisonous nature.

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