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What Do Yellow Roses Mean? History and Symbolism

Yellow- Does the color ever evoke some special feelings in you? Maybe the feelings of happiness, joy, satisfaction, gratitude, energy, and cheerfulness?

If yes, then let’s combine all these amazing qualities with fresh-cut yellow roses. And you will get some uplifting, sincere, and super cool vibes that probably make the best floral gift for your friends and family.

Yes, these are much different in appearance, meaning, and symbolism from red and pink rose that reflect romance, passion, and undying love.

Sending a bouquet of bright yellow roses is a wonderful gesture to express your fascination, admiration, and good wishes. Let’s read on further to explore what yellow roses actually mean, what is the history behind them, and what do they symbolize.

The meaning of giving yellow roses:

When we see a bold, vibrant and cheerful yellow color, we automatically associate it with the sun, its beautiful life-giving warmth, and the joyous mood we usually have on those sunny days.

This is the reason, yellow roses symbolize positivity, strength, hope optimism, and cheerfulness. Especially when your friends are feeling low or having a difficult time, sending them a bunch of yellow roses may perk up their mood and brighten up their day. It reminds them that you are always here no matter what.

A dazzling bouquet of yellow flowers is enough to express your care, concern, and appreciation towards the people who are close to your heart. It also sends a message of ‘get well soon’ and ‘Wish you good luck for the future’.

History of yellow roses:

You may get surprised to know that yellow roses are the oldest flowers in history. They were first grown wildly in the 18th century in the Middle East. They can be cross-bred in both ways, naturally or unnaturally which usually results in versatile yellow rose species.

When yellow roses were evolved, Europeans started hybridization while mixing them with white roses.

When it comes to primary cultivators of yellow roses, we cannot forget to highlight the Dutch and the French nation.

Unlike pink or white roses, yellow roses were quite harder to sell as they had a very bad smell that triggered the headache. After that, the flower was named “sulfur roses.”

With time, growers performed different experiments and hybridizations. They maligned yellow roses with the black spot to eliminate the smell. However, after a lot of trials, experiments, and errors, they successfully perfected the flower to the beautiful natural shade and cured the elements of smell.

Is yellow rose symbolism of hate and jealousy?

When you look back to old Victorian times, you may find that yellow roses were not associated with friendship.

Instead, they were symbolized as hate, jealousy, the end of a relationship, and unwillingness to talk. The reason behind all the negative sentiments associated with yellow roses was the lack of fragrance and beauty. It was dull in shape and had a bad smell. That was the reason, people started to associate it with multiple negative meanings.

But fortunately, time has passed, and things have changed. Now yellow roses are the symbol of warmth, positivity, affection, happiness, and hope.

Another reason that makes yellow roses a favorite today is, yellow color activates the memory center of the brain. It stimulates your entire nervous system. As a result, your vision boosts and you build confidence. The effect can be seen on brain scans when patients are exposed to yellow color.

That’s why when you give yellow floral arrangements to the person who is not feeling well, or even to the seniors or elders, they play a small role in their recovery and healing.

What’s the best time to give someone yellow roses?

Well, unlike other flowers that can be given to some specific occasions, yellow roses can be given any time as a gift to express your affection and care. It simply shares the feelings of contentment, appreciation, and joy.

However, when you want to adore your friends on friendship day, or just want to wish them well during hard times of life, yellow roses would be a perfect fit.

Therefore, yellow roses are more linked with friends and friendship. Sending yellow roses is a different gesture that symbolizes how much you care and appreciate your friend’s presence in your life.

Whether it’s your friend’s promotion party, birthday party, or wedding anniversary. Yellow roses are great to send that simply uplift the spirits of your dear ones.

However, the flowers are also powerful enough to enhance communication with your friends or colleagues. So, when it is getting difficult to communicate your feelings with friends or others, then sending a bunch of yellow roses with a notecard may be a wonderful choice to give your words a pure feeling.

When combining yellow roses with other colors:

  • When you give someone yellow roses that have red petals tips, it indicates that you want to go further in the relationship. You want to change it to love from friendship. It’s just a plain indication of falling in love with someone who used to be your friend.
  • Yellow and white roses combine to give the meaning of innocence, purity, calmness, harmony, peace, and unity. The arrangement can usually give to express condolences and sympathies.
  • When combining yellow roses with red or pink, they represent happiness, joy, and celebration.

What’s the best place to buy yellow roses?

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