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How to Send Flowers on First Anniversary?

The first wedding anniversary is the most treasured, memorable, and special occasion for both partners. It symbolizes the undying love they have for each other.

That’s the reason if you want to honor the occasion more beautifully, giving flowers should be your preferred choice which always conveys love and appreciation for your partner.

Especially if you two are living miles apart due to work or family, then this is the right occasion to express your love with a thoughtfully chosen bouquet. Remember, sending flowers gives a silent message of love because where words are not enough to describe intense feelings, flowers do the job!

So, if your first wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you couldn’t decide which flowers to send to surprise your partner, read the article till the end as it’s going to help you a lot in sending the right flowers to mark your first anniversary.

Go online for finding the first-anniversary bouquet:

Whether you two are living together or apart due to work, choosing online flower delivery services would definitely be a great consideration. Because your online florist can help you choose the right and trending bouquet according to your first anniversary.

So, if you couldn’t reach out to your partner on this special day and plan a romantic date due to the distance, sending flowers online would probably give you ease and convenience for celebrating the occasion.

Imagine your partner wakes up to a beautiful bouquet at their doorstep with a love note tucked inside saying ‘Happy first wedding anniversary’. Isn’t it a romantic gesture to mark your first anniversary?

Now when it comes to choosing the right flower delivery service, make sure you tell them in advance that the bouquet is for anniversary and how you want it to represent so they can customize it based on your ideas and occasion. By keeping all the elements in mind, they will take up the responsibility to deliver flowers in time and style.

Choose flowers that represent special memories:

If you are not sure which flowers can surprise her on the occasion, have a flick back through the wedding ceremony and find out which flowers she was carrying while walking down the aisle.

You may have spent a lot of magical date nights together before marriage where you have given her flowers to cherish her heart, just remind some of those memories and figure out which flowers made her happier and surprised.

Whatever your flower-related memory is, make sure you are choosing flowers according to her choice as it would be a key to celebrate the occasion in a more memorable way. Picking out flowers from the memories will take her back to the time and create a sparkle in your relationship.

Pick her favorite color bouquet:

If you want to go the extra mile and make her loved and special on this occasion, be sure to choose her favorite color bouquet which she can happily decorate at her side table or beside a window.

Whether she loves pastel colors, bold red, purple or bright pink, your florist can help you choose any color she loves the most.

Choosing her favorite color bouquet doesn’t only remove the hassle out of your day but also increases the chances to get more adoration on the occasion.

Send carnations- Traditional first anniversary flowers:

If you want to follow the tradition, go for carnations.

Yes, because carnations are specifically associated with first anniversaries. It’s the traditional flower that can be given to cherish the heart of your special person on this lovely occasion.

Many couples in history have used carnations to express love for each other on their first anniversary. The reason is, carnations symbolize passionate love, romance, strength, and affection. When you choose an online florist, they craft a special bouquet of carnations while sourcing them directly from fresh farms.

This means you have an opportunity to make your day extra special and fascinating by sending fresh-cut traditional carnations to your loved ones.

Not only that, but carnations flowers are available in several amazing colors and varieties with each represent different meanings.

You can choose the color that best represents your love and marriage. Because we believe that the first wedding anniversary is the most memorable time for both partners as they can convey a sweet message with a thoughtful gesture. This is the reason, sending carnations seems to be the reliable way to mark your first anniversary.

Remember, no other anniversary flowers can capture the essence, sweetness, and beauty as carnations do.

They are the symbol of love, optimism, and passion. Especially when you send colorful carnations, it makes the day further sweeter and meaningful as the bouquet conveys your unconditional love for each other.

Consider other flower choices as well:

In case if your partner doesn’t like carnations or loves other flowers more than carnations, then it’s important to consider different choices as well.

There are a lot of beautiful flowers out there that represent your love in the most meaningful way. For example:

  • Tulips (red, yellow, pink)
  • Lilac
  • Red roses
  • Orchids
  • The stargazer lily
  • Daisies
  • Alstroemeria
  • Camelia
  • The blue iris

These are also called romantic flowers and would be a wonderful choice to express your feelings on this truly joyous occasion.

Don’t forget to include the love note:

While sending flowers to your special person, do not forget to include your feelings on the love note. An inspirational note full of love and romance is such a sweet way to profess love again & again. What do you think?

Final thoughts:

So, when it comes to sending first anniversary flowers, things get pretty confusing as you want to make it the best surprise for your recipient. That’s the reason, in order to make it memorable, be sure you are following the above tips before sending wishing your partner a happy anniversary.

Or in case you are still confused about choosing the right option, consult with Flower Delivery Hamilton and discover the type of bouquets and arrangements they offer for your special occasions. From carnations to lily and roses to orchids, they have a unique variety of each flower arrangement based on your needs.