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The Etiquettes of Sending Flowers for all Occasions

Picking the right flowers for all occasions might be a daunting job to do, especially when you have the least ideas about the colors, types, and patterns of flowers that could go well based on the occasion.

So, no wonder you may think, ‘what type of flower should be best for birthdays?’ or ‘what is the right time to send funeral flowers to someone who is grieving?’.

However, there are plenty of factors you need to consider before sending flowers to your dear ones on a specific occasion. Here we have mentioned some important etiquettes that might help you understand how to send flowers for all occasions and what are some common thoughts while sending flowers to a certain occasion.

We hope that you successfully choose the right arrangement after knowing all the etiquette.

Sending flowers for birthdays or holidays:

If you want to wish someone a happy birthday or there is a special event like the arrival of a new baby or the graduation ceremony of your dear friend, then you need to consider a lot of factors before choosing the right bouquet.

First, you need to think about the message you want to deliver that also reflects the flowers you choose.  If you are sending flowers to your close female friend but you are not romantically involved with her, then sending red roses might be the wrong choice. Tulips or lilies might do the job well and convey your message of utmost care without making her feel otherwise.

Also, do not send flowers to someone at their place of work. They may get uncomfortable when their colleagues ask about the bouquet.

Whether you send flowers to a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, it’s essential to send according to the theme of the occasion.

For example, if it’s the birthday of your family member, you can send them a colorful floral arrangement of their favorite flowers. Whether you send them a blend of gerberas and roses with balloons, or just choose simple pink roses to wish them a healthy life, the message will be delivered well. And if you are wishing new parents on the arrival of a baby, send them a blue or pink floral bouquet based on the gender of the baby.

Similarly, when it comes to certain holidays like Valentines’ Day, Mother’s Day, or New Year, make sure you are going according to the theme and preferences of your recipient.

Sending promotion flowers:

There are a plethora of reasons to send blooms to your colleagues such as congratulating them on their promotion, saying thank you for their input in the project, or achieving any big milestone in their career.

However, choosing the right arrangement on such occasions might be quite tricky so it’s important to be extra careful.

It’s great to be incredibly cautious whatever you plan to send because sending someone flowers that might give them a wrong signal of any romantic relationship could be really embarrassing.

In such situations, it’s recommended to send them a lovely fruit basket or just a mixed bouquet of roses, tulips, orchids, gerberas, and sunflowers. It would surely avoid any kind of confusion about your intentions.

Sending Get well soon flowers:

It’s beautiful to send your friends a sophisticated bouquet when they are ill and hospitalized. It would encourage them a bit and they might feel healthy and motivated. Because when someone is ill and bedridden, he can’t move out of the house. But when he receives a cheerful bouquet, he may feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy.

However, before you send them to get well soon flowers, make sure you are considering if the flowers are not allergic to their current condition and not intended to give any kind of infection.

Moreover, many hospitals do not allow receiving or displaying flowers. So, it’s good to check their policies before sending a bouquet. Therefore, it’s also a good consideration to wait until that person is in the privacy of their own room so you can easily send them a bunch of love and good wishes.

Sending romantic flowers:

There could be nothing better than sending a flower to someone you love incessantly.  Flowers can help you convey your intense feelings without even saying anything.

Therefore, red roses are always the best choice. Especially if you want to propose to someone, you can even send them a single red rose because a single red rose means the utmost love, passion and romance.

If you want to send them a bunch of roses, choose a bouquet of 12 red roses or their favorite flowers to express your true feelings. It will help you convey the right message without being awkward.

If they love some unique flowers that are difficult to choose from, you can take the help of online flower delivery services in Hamilton as it would be a great gesture to make the best impression.

Sending funeral flowers:

Sending flowers to the funeral or just to express your condolences on the death of your recipient’s closest person is a kind gesture.

Hence, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a quite difficult time for your recipient. So, you need to be extra careful and thoughtful before sending flowers and ensure that you are following the right etiquettes to not make them feel bad.

It’s recommended to send flowers to a funeral home so the recipients can properly display them around the casket. But on the other hand, sometimes people are so overwhelmed that they do not want to receive such things at that moment.

So, it’s good to consider their relationship with the deceased and then send flowers after a couple of days to express your condolences.

Ready to send flowers for all occasions?

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