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Popular Native Flowers of Canada that are Trending Right Now

The trending popularity of Canadian native flowers is not a big surprise to anyone. Their fresh, vibrant, and dazzling look is drop-dead gorgeous and makes them an essential choice to add to a bouquet.

However, native flowers have never been as popular as they are now. The reason is many online flower delivery services prefer to choose native wildflowers to decorate their bouquets so they can make them more appealing and charming.

Especially when the occasions are weddings and birthdays, they prefer adding a colorful combination of asters, bloodroot, and other native flowers that have a unique and sophisticated look.

Another important thing to note about native flowers is, they are extremely suitable for the colder climate of Canada which is why they last longer as compared to the other flower types.

Let’s have a look at some important native and popular flowers in Canada and find out some methods to preserve them for longer.

The National flower of Canada:

The Leaf of Maple is recognized as a national symbol of Canada which was primarily used in the 18th century. Its popularity was continued due to its elegant and unique design and after that, it depicts all the previous and current flags of Canada. The flower has leaves with pointed lobes and deep have deep indentations between its lobes.

However, the floral emblem of Hamilton, Ontario is called white trillium that symbolizes Christian Trinity and also denotes purity, recovery, elegance, and beauty. White Trillium is usually a wildflower that grows in woodlands and green forests. You can easily recognize the flower by its three beautiful white waxy petals protruding from each other. It’s a long-lived wildflower available in different colors, which is also extremely fragile, and picking the flower might cause any serious injury to the plant.

Some popular and native flowers of Hamilton, Ontario:

Since Canada is a geographically vast country with diverse species of plants and flowers, you may find a lot of beautiful cultural variations as well as distinctions from different regions and provinces.

Another important fact to consider is, Hamilton Ontario has now been deeply influenced by thousands of immigrations that happened lately from all across the world, making people from different cultures love the unique varieties of flowers. They prefer to choose different colorful blooms that have unique properties and look much beautiful in bouquets.

Whether it’s the birthday of their dear ones or a wedding ceremony of their colleagues, they present a range of wildflowers that make the occasion a bit more special. Some popular flowers liked by people of Hamilton, are:

  • Different varieties of lily flowers
  • Mixed bouquet of colorful flowers
  • Potted Roses in transparent or tin containers
  • Pastel-colored long stem rose flowers
  • Bouquet of Wow Roses
  • Beautiful varieties of Sunflowers
  • Carnation flowers
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Snapdragons
  • Miniature Rose
  • Cyclamen
  • Chrysanthemums (loved by the people of Hamilton, Ontario for gift purposes)

There are some other flowers available from the South American region which are also getting huge popularity in Canada.

And when it comes to famous native flowers of Canada that are specifically grown in this country are:

  • Geraniums
  • Poinsettias
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Canada Lily
  • Bear Valley
  • Bog willow
  • Cacti of Canada
  • Canada’s Cedars
  • Canadian Holy
  • Christmas Ferns
  • Harebells
  • Ferns
  • High bush cranberry
  • And many more…

How to keep them fresh and alive longer?

Keeping native flowers fresh and alive longer is everyone’s dream today. Although it’s quite hard to do that and you have to consider essential steps.

Cut the stem of the flowers from a specific 45° angle, make sure you are preventing all the air bubbles from entering the capillaries of the stems as they can block the water intake. After cutting the stems, immediately put them in a vase filled with clean water.

Here are some other methods that help keep your native flowers fresh and healthy for longer.

  • Add sugar cube to the water to provide them nutrients
  • You can also include a couple of household bleach as it will kill all the bacteria in the water.
  • Use hair sprays to keep the petals fresh, soft, and healthy
  • Make sure the flowers are away from the heat sources and appliances
  • Add the flowers to a clean water container and wash them regularly
  • Use sharp cutting tools to manage extra leaves
  • Never put them under direct sunlight
  • Add a few drops of aspirin every day

Which is the best way to get native flowers in Hamilton?

When it comes to buying native flowers in Hamilton, Ontario, different helpful sources can take the hassle out of your day. If you want to buy a fresh, delightful, and sophisticated bouquet of native flowers, online flower delivery services in Hamilton can help do the job perfectly.

Online flower delivery services work with professional florists who have access to source flowers from the fresh fields of Canada which makes them a preferred choice. They know what it takes to create a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers for weddings and other occasions. Moreover, they offer cost-effective charges as compared to local shops.

Above all, they have an extensive range of bouquets for every occasion and have a team of local florists who may help you pick the best native flower in trend.

Flower Delivery Hamilton:

Flower Delivery Hamilton is undoubtedly your preferred option when it comes to sending fresh, perky, and popular native flowers. From plants to beautiful vase arrangements and roses to one-sided floral arrangements, you could find anything that best suits your needs and taste. With excellent customer service, timely & same-day delivery, and affordable costs, Flower Delivery Hamilton is the best choice for sending flowers anywhere in Hamilton, Ontario.

So, let’s take a look and find out all the handpicked flowers and bouquets crafted professionally for your dear ones that can make the occasion more pleasant and memorable.