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How to Keep Roses Alive Longer? 10 Pro Tips

Let’s face it- we all love roses more than any other flower. Isn’t it? They do not only look fresh and beautiful but also deliver a message of enduring love, affection, and gratitude.

People love sending them on occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding ceremonies. When your recipient gets the finest quality bouquet of roses, it just puts a beautiful smile on his face which definitely strengthens your bond.

But the sad part is, roses wilt soon within a day or two. It doesn’t matter whether you grow roses in your garden or purchase from a local online florist, you always want to make them last and bloom vibrantly so you can feel their charm and smell for at least a few days.

So, if you want to prolong the life of your fresh-cut roses, you need to give them some extra care and attention, which is why you need to follow some pro tips to keep your roses alive longer and fresher for weeks.

Have a look below and let us know if you have also tried one of these tips!

Change the water regularly:

When you change the water regularly for roses, it will help them stay fresh and live longer. Before adding roses to the water, rinse the vase carefully with clean water and then fill its two-third portion.

But remember, whenever you change the water in the vase, make sure you are removing dying foliage, such as brown leaves or dead petals that are falling in the pot or vase. These dead parts leave debris in the water which eventually rots after some time and quickly shorten the lifespan of your roses.

Cut out the stems with a sharp knife:

The best tip to keep the roses alive longer is, cut their stem out with a sharp knife. Do not use scissors ever! It’s dangerous. Because the scissors you use will cut by pinching, and they will also pinch some part of the stem closer to the rose.

The best cut will be 1-2 inches off the stem at a 45° angle. When you cut the stem regularly, it will prevent it from squishing as well as enable it to absorb extra water. You can also cut the stems in small groups or just cut them individually as per need or convenience. Repeat the process after every two days so that water keeps flowing to every bud.

Keep the roses away from sunlight or other heat sources:

We are sure very few of you will be aware of the fact that roses start wilting once you keep them under sunlight or just closer to the sources that release heat. For example, keeping them close to appliances like AC, fridge, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, or dishwasher releases an exceptional amount of heat that ruins the petals, stems, and all the parts of roses.

And eventually, the heat will shorter their lifespan. Also, do not put roses beside fruits like mangoes, grapes, tomatoes, or strawberries. They release ethylene gas which is a poison for roses and other flowers. So, in case if you want to put roses in a cold place like a fridge, keep them away from fruits or vegetables.

Do not give your roses too much food!

Giving them too much food is also not healthy for your roses which shortens their overall life. If you are seeing the food sitting in the bottom of your vase, it’s dangerous for their health. Because all the food particles should be absorbed well in the water.

For example, if your vase is about 8 1/2″ then around 1/4 of the flower food is good enough for keeping them alive.

Keep your roses in the best spot:

Keeping your fresh-cut roses in the right spot has lots of significant impacts on their longer lifespan. The best tip is to place them in a cooler environment or put them under some shade. The cooler area that is receiving some indirect light will keep them fresh and preserve the life of your roses.

Add some acid to the water:

It might sound scary a bit, but yes, adding acid to the water is a healthy tip to keep roses alive. By acid, we mean Aspirin which is also called acetylsalicylic acid. Aspirin has a lot of elements that give a healthy life to roses. Especially lemon juice is extremely effective in prolonging the life of your roses.

Keep them in a refrigerator:

Do you know how your local flower shops keep roses fresh and alive? They tend to keep them in a cooler place. When you keep them in a temperature-controlled place, you can simply keep them fresh and healthy in the long run.

Make sure you are keeping them away from eatables so their petals couldn’t get damaged or fade.

Mix some beverages:

Another interesting tip is, add some beverages to the water. Whether you are adding soda, aspirin, or alcohol, make sure you are not adding more than required. Just add a bit of each element to extend their longevity. It gives them sugar and the addition of alcohol will simply remove all the harmful bacteria.

Use hairsprays:

Yes, hairsprays are not only useful for keeping your hair shiny, fresh, and in style. But they are equally useful in extending the life of your roses. Just spray on their petals so they keep looking fresh and glowing.

Put coins in water:

When you add coins to the clean water with a mix of some sugar, your flower will keep alive for weeks. Because the coins contain copper that acts as an acidifier to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Need more interesting tips?

If you need some tips or suggestions, feel free to call our florists at Flower Delivery Hamilton who can give you a valuable piece of advice for keeping your roses fresh and alive longer. You cannot go wrong with their tips as they source fresh-cut roses from the gardens of Hamilton, so they know what it takes to keep them alive for longer!