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Lily Flowers Meaning, Colors, and Symbolism

Lilies are also known as Lilium and make an excellent gift for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and Mother’s Day. The flowers symbolize beauty, innocence, good luck, motherhood, purity, rebirth, freedom, and development.

Besides all these beautiful meanings associated with the flower, lilies are an eternal beauty due to their spotless, delicate, and long petals.

So, over the past few years, lily has evolved into several amazing meanings, colors, and symbols that make it a stunning choice for all occasions. Another reason is, they are available in various shapes and colors and perfect to pamper your loved one on their special occasion.

However, the meaning of Lily flowers can also change based on their color and occasion. So, before you plan to give lily flowers to your loved ones, let’s explore further about their meaning, colors, and symbols associated that make them a more powerful choice.

Where do lily flowers come from?

Lily flowers have around 80-100 species that grow natively all across the world. however, in general, lily flower mainly exists in the northern hemisphere with pleasantly warm temperature, such as Asia, North America, and other states.

What are some common Lily flower colors and what do they symbolize?

Lilies are available in various colors and types, and each color holds a specific meaning in every culture.  Lilies represent purity, passion, and rebirth so there are many other colors that are associated with several meanings.

Some of the common Lily flower colors are:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow

White lilies symbolize purity and rebirth:

White lilies are usually a great choice for occasions like weddings, sympathy, and funerals. They represent purity and symbolize a complete rejuvenation of your soul. That’s the reason, they denote commitment, rebirth, and innocence. When you give Lily flowers to your dear ones on such occasions, it definitely soothes their nerves and makes them feel better.

Pink lilies symbolize femineity, infatuation, and admiration:

When you want to admire someone or just want to say ‘you are so beautiful and pure’ giving lilies is definitely a wonderful choice. Because pink lilies usually are gifted to the person you love and admire the most. That’s the reason when it comes to the occasions like Mother’s Day, people send pink lilies to exhibit pure sentiments of love for their mother.

Not only that, but you can also gift them to your girlfriend as you also want to adore her beauty and the bond you two share.

Red lilies symbolize love, care, and passion:

Want to confess your love to that special one in your life? Go for red lilies.

Because ‘red’ is associated with utmost love, care, and passion, so you obviously want to display that affection by giving them a bouquet of red lilies.

Red lilies deliver your message of love and passion without even saying a word. The flowers look so eternally beautiful that your recipient will eventually fall in love with your bouquet- and of course, appreciate the gesture too!

Bold, vibrant, and fiery, red lilies are an excellent representation of your pure feelings. So, sending a bouquet of red lilies with a blend of green fillers and roses gives you a perfect chance to get ‘yes’ in the answer!

Orange lilies symbolize confidence, excitement, and appreciation:

When you want to say someone ‘congratulations on your success’ or ‘well done, keep going’, sending a bouquet of orange lilies is your go-to option.

Why? Because they denote confidence, bravery, positivity, and warmth.

Orange lily is one of the perfect flowers when you want to motivate someone and boost more positive energy through your thoughtful and kind words.

Orange lilies can simply help you convey all the feelings of love, respect, honor, and appreciation that positively grow your relationship with the recipient.

Yellow lilies symbolize happiness, joy, and friendship:

Whenever we say yellow, our mind immediately shifts to sunshine and a brighter shade that brings joy and happiness. That’s the reason, yellow lilies deliver the impression of cheerfulness and positive behavior.

In short, yellow lilies convey your message of remembrance, gratitude, and happiness- which is why this is the best choice to give as a gift to your friends and celebrate each moment with full joys and excitement.

You can also send them as a ‘thank you’ gift when you receive any kind of appreciation from your friends or colleagues.

Multiple lily colors in one bouquet:

Have you ever seen all beautiful lilies in different colors wrapped in one bouquet? Well, it must be a very powerful combination that puts a beautiful smile on your recipient’s face. Isn’t it?

Because different colors of lilies in one bouquet give a combination of meaning. In simple words, red and pink lilies symbolize love, purity, and infatuation, and yellow and orange mean excitement, happiness, and positivity.

So, when you send a bunch of lilies wrapped, you are giving your recipient a whole package of love, care, gratitude, appreciation, positivity, growth, purity, joys, and happiness.

What else could you ask for when you have an opportunity to send your message in such a beautiful floral language?

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