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5 Most Common Flowers that Exist in Nature

Do you prefer giving flowers to your dear ones for every special occasion? Is choosing the most attractive floral bouquet a bit intimidating idea for you?

If you said yes, then this is the right article for you. Today, we are going to present some most and popular flowers that are loved and appreciated by every person due to their nature, fragrance, color, vibes, and appearance.

With ‘most common flowers’ we do not mean some ordinary arrangement that just goes for every occasion. But common flowers are the ones that are popular due to a reason as each flower is associated with different meanings and symbols.

Above all, you can get these common flowers from any reliable online florist in Hamilton as they are the ones who deal with every kind of arrangement regardless of the occasion. So, let’s dig deeper and find out which are the most common flowers that make every occasion special.

Roses- Associated with love, romance, and passion!

Well, yes, we had to start the list from everyone’s favorite flower Rose. The flower is not only popular due to its beauty and elegance, but also adored due to the meaning behind its bold and vibrant color.

One of the most popular reasons why people love roses is their association with love, romance, and passion. We celebrate a whole day called Valentine’s Day when everyone loves giving roses to express their feelings for someone.

People also prefer giving a single red rose, as the single red rose meaning is associated with expressing undying love and romance for your special person. When you give someone a single red rose, it helps you say ‘I love you’ and ‘Will you be mine’.

Other than that, there are different colors of roses with each associated with a different meaning and symbol. For example, the white rose represents peace, calm, and innocence whereas the yellow rose represents the love between friends. Pink rose is a symbol of unconditional love and romance, and lavender roses mean love at the first sight.

Orchids- Versatile flower to express all emotions

Every flower is beautiful and unique in nature, but no flower can beat the charm and versatility of orchids. The flower may seem like an exotic collection that helps express many emotions. That’s why these flowers are called versatile blooms as these are not associated with any special occasion. Especially if you want to give something unique to your dear ones, give orchids as it looks like an alien.

They belong to tropical locations which are why they are commonly available from every flower delivery service in Hamilton. However, according to growers, only 1/3 species are tropical, and two-thirds grow everywhere in the world. Moreover, your favorite baking ingredient called vanilla is also extracted from this beautiful flower.

Carnations- Best alternative for roses

If you do not prefer to give roses on every occasion, then here is a great second option to express love- yes, we are talking about carnations!

Carnations are also available in different beautiful colors and almost as same sizes in roses. The flowers have a unique ruffled appearance as well as they are native to the Asian and European region.

People love giving carnations due to their bold, beautiful, and delicate appearance. Especially when it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s common to give pink carnations to express your eternal love for mothers.

Carnations are also a common birth flower for June. They are available in pink, white, yellow, and red colors that all symbolize beauty, love, gratitude, strength, positivity, and hope.

They also make a great choice for Valentine’s Day when you want to give something different than roses.

Sunflowers- Big, bright, cheerful, and edible in nature

The list cannot be completed without mentioning bright, cheerful, and bold flowers called Sunflowers.

Sunflowers are unique in shape and made up of thousands of teeny flowers with delicate and soft petals around. The flower is tall in shape and best known for its bright yellow color while the shape resembles the sun- which is why they are named after the sun.

The flowers are native to America and found everywhere in the world. They are quite popular for their fall. You would be amazed to know that sunflowers are also edible in nature. Their oil could be used for different health reasons and their seeds are the favorite snacks of most people in different countries.

Another interesting element is sunflowers do not only exist in yellow color. They can also be found in dark purple, bronze, white, and red shades. The flowers are also known for being happy flowers as they spread positivity, love, and the message of hope.

Lily- A most suitable choice for every occasion

Lilies are another significant flower that exists in nature and can be found everywhere in the world. Lilies are also quite unique in shape with six long and delicate petals. Their petal-like segments are arranged naturally in form of a trumpet shape.

The flowers are native to the Northern Hemisphere and almost everyone’s favorite for the occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and wedding ceremonies.

Lilies are also available in different amazing color combinations. They are also quite taller and have long petals. They look superb when mixed with different colored flowers. You can find them in a multitude of colors such as pink, white, red, orange, and yellow. The flowers symbolize purity, elegance, and virtue, which makes them a suitable choice for every occasion.

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These are not the only common flowers that exist in nature, but just a couple of blooms that are loved by every person for all special occasions.

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