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Flower Color Meanings and Symbolism

What’s the first thing you notice when you see a beautiful flower? Its size? Scent or maybe it’s color?

Well, in most cases, people notice the color of the flower as it looks more prominent, bold, and vibrant that instantly grabs the attention. So, the color of a flower is one of the multiple elements that make them beautiful, attractive, and charming.

Therefore, we believe that when it comes to choosing flowers, you also make sure that which color would be a perfect fit and what does it symbolize. Especially when you order the bouquet from online flower delivery services, you put special focus on choosing the right colors so you can convey the right message to your recipient.

Hence, they have hundreds of floral arrangements and colors, so it usually seems difficult to pick the color that reflects true meaning. So, we have rounded together a list of flower color meanings and associated symbols that make the gesture more meaningful and thoughtful.

Red flowers:

What flower can send the message of romance and love better than red flowers? Especially when the flowers are red roses, you couldn’t get wrong in sending some intense vibe to your favorite person. Red flowers always help you send a romantic, powerful and clear message of love, appreciation, passion, romance, and strength.

If you want to communicate your love to someone special, sending a red bouquet would be a perfect option to make them feel extra special.

Because red color is symbolic of extreme love and likeness. It is also a color of desire and seduction. Among all the red flowers, sending red roses, red carnations, red tulips, and red daisies are great choices as each flower symbolizes beauty, love, and appreciation.

Yellow flowers:

As we heard many times that yellow flowers are associated with friendship and gratitude, which is quite true as well. Yellow flowers symbolize friendship and devoted love. That’s the reason, sending yellow flowers usually represents loyalty, faithfulness, and dedication.

Yellow flowers also symbolize trust, love, and compassion. Therefore, we believe that yellow flowers are the best choice to convey a message of appreciation for your friends and colleagues as the gesture can simply uplift their spirits and motivate them to do well.

Yellow is a color of brightness and radiance which makes them a perfect option for sending to friends who are just having a tough time in their life or battling with an illness. Beautiful yellow flowers help you show compassion, love, and warmth while strengthening the bond of friendship during hard phases.

Yellow roses and daffodils are also the best options when you want to appreciate your friends for their companionship and trust. Moreover, yellow chrysanthemums and lilacs are considered a thoughtful option on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

Purple flowers:

The soft gentle purple flowers look enchanted and pure and much unique than others in their appearance and fragrance. They have delicate and tender petals that spread joys and happiness when decorated at home.

Purple flowers are associated with gracefulness, charm, elegance, hope, love, and refinement. They have a lot of ethereal qualities that also represent positivity and creativity. And the best thing is they strongly represent romance and passion when given to someone special.

When you give a mesmerizing purple flower arrangement, it truly symbolizes a great transition. In some cultures, sending purple flowers is a tradition and is considered the most beautiful flower among all the other types and colors. They help you convey a right and effective message that no other color can do, especially when given to your friends or partners.

Green flowers:

Have you ever sent someone a green floral arrangement? If not yet, then you can send them fresh cut green flowers to your dear to convey a message of peace, calm, and harmony.

Beautiful bright green flowers represent nature, good fortune, and a message of healing. Especially if someone is ill or having a bad time in life, green flowers may heal them from the situation. Green also delivers a message of living a balanced life which leads to youthfulness, good health, rebirth, and resilience.

Green flowers beautifully complement other flowers in a bouquet, especially when you add them with purple, yellow, or red flowers, they look stunning.

They also contrast to different hues and draw attention when mixed with red roses or calla lily. Green flowers beautifully represent peace, health, cure, wellness, and a gesture to wish luck and good fortune.

Orange flowers:

No other flower color could better communicate the feelings of excitement and enthusiasm than orange flowers. When you send someone bold and luminous orange flowers, you are actually sending them a bunch of happiness, strength, and positivity.

Orange flowers bring hope, happiness, and joy. Especially when you want to make your dear ones feel the warmth of your love, sending orange flowers is a great idea. They also help send a message of thrill, passion, and adventure.

Imagine waking up to a bouquet of bright orange roses and lilies by your special one… that feeling would be priceless and strengthen the bond forever.

Pink flowers:

Beautiful and delicate pink flowers are also grown to be a symbol of undying love, just like red flowers. But they are more aligned towards motherly love that is unconditional for the children. That’s why most Mother’s Day flowers are based on pink color roses and lilies.

They represent gentle, warm, and peaceful behavior and also send a message of happiness, beauty, loyalty, and femininity.

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