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Birth Month Flowers Chart – What’s My Birth Flower?

Let’s face it- we have all been obsessed with reading our zodiac signs, birth month personality traits, and dominant signs at least once in our life.

However, not all of us know that each birth month is actually associated with a flower that has a proper meaning and which makes our birth month and personality unique from others.

That especially comes handy when you have to send flowers to your dear ones, and you know which flower is the right fit according to their birth month.

So, if you want to be that sensible ‘someone’ who knows what it takes to send a perfect flower according to the recipient’s personality, then this birth month flower chart may be an incredible help for you.

Birth MonthFlowersMeaning
JanuaryCarnations, SnowdropDevotion, loyalty
FebruaryViolet, primroseHonest, humble, wise
MarchDaffodil, JonquilHappy, cheerful
AprilDaisy, Sweet peaSweet, kind, loyal
MayLily of the valleyHumility, sweetness
JuneRose, HoneysuckleBeauty, love, honor
JulyDelphinium, water lilyPositivity, dignity, grace
AugustGladiolus, PoppyHonesty, generosity
SeptemberAster, Morning gloryWisdom, faith, love
OctoberMarigold, cosmosPassionate, hardworking
NovemberChrysanthemumsFriendship, happiness
DecemberHolly, narcissusPeace, good fortune


January- Carnations, Snowdrop:

Carnations and snowdrops are two sweet flowers that bloom and thrive in January when it’s freezing cold temperature out there. The flowers are quite popular due to their ruffled petals and lots of beautiful colors. However, they are a more suitable choice for babies born in January.

The meaning of carnations depends upon the color you choose for the recipient, but generally, they are the symbol of devotion, loyalty, honesty, and dignity.

February- Violet, and primrose:

Violet and primrose are the flowers associated with February. Now the month has some special significance due to Valentine’s Day, it surprises many people when they find out that Roses are not the actual birth flowers for Feb born.

As their birthstone is amethyst, one can analyze why these beautiful violets’ blooms are associated with February. Their heart-shaped petals make them an extremely wonderful choice for people who are faithful and loyal. That’s the reason, these Feb-born people are usually known for their humble, wise, honest, and innocent traits.

March- Daffodil, Jonquil

Daffodil and Jonquils are two incredibly beautiful flowers that are associated with March. As March brings Spring, so it makes sense that why daffodil is the common flower for March born. The flowers have small little buds, and they are believed to bring the sign of good luck and peace, they are also celebrated as the National flowers of Wales.

The flowers symbolize rebirth, vanity, and prosperity which can be even seen in the people who were born in March. These people are often more cheerful, happy, and adore little things in life.

April- Daisy, Sweet pea:

The birth flowers for April are daisy & sweet pea. These two beautiful and simple flowers are always the preferred choice for every occasion. This is the reason; they can be seen more frequently in the fields than decorated in your home.

Sending someone a bouquet of daisies is a wonderful gesture and undoubtedly puts a big smile on your recipient’s face. They represent sweetness, innocence, loyalty, and kindness. The flowers are also a good choice for Mother’s Day gift.

May- Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley and hawthorn flowers are usually associated with May. The flowers have delicate petals, sweet in shape, and popular in fragrance. This makes Lily of the valley a favorite flower of many people today.

The flowers traditionally symbolize humility, happiness, sweetness, and motherhood.

June- Rose, honeysuckle

Rose and honeysuckle are f the favorite flowers of almost everyone in the world. These are the birth flowers of June babies and available in plenty of amazing colors, with each color symbolize different characteristics.

However, roses and honeysuckles can be given on any occasion and to every person you have in your life. They symbolize love, beauty, elegance, honor, and devotion.

July- Delphinium and water lily:

The birth flowers for July are Delphinium and water lily. As the flowers are specifically associated with happiness and positivity, sending them to your loved ones can further make the gesture sweet, adorable, and thoughtful.

Moreover, there are hundreds of species of Delphinium which makes them a sweet flower in the chart. They symbolize dignity, grace, happiness, and positivity.

August- Gladiolus, and poppy

August is associated with all poppy and beautiful gladiolus flowers. You can find them in awesome rainbow colors, which is why they are the popular choice in the summer months.

The flowers represent strength, honesty, character, hope, generosity, and integrity.

September- Aster and morning glory:

Aster and morning glory are the big stars of the show that can be given to the people born in August. In addition, asters have been named after the Greek word ‘star’ due to their resemblance in shape.

These dainty flowers are available in different gorgeous colors and also one of the vibrant flowers to be seen in the chart. Besides, they represent love, wisdom, faith, friendship, and honesty.

October- Marigold, and cosmos:

October is all about marigold and cosmos flowers. Also, their sweet autumnal shades, wonderful scents, and tender petals are great choices for people who celebrate their birthdays in October. In fact, these flowers are also used as a medicine for inflammation and acne issues.

Therefore, if you are October born or know someone who celebrates their day in October, they are probably hardworking, passionate, and forward-thinking people.

November- Chrysanthemum

The birth flowers for November are chrysanthemums. These are one of the most favorite and popular flowers in the world due to their beautiful appearance and lots of vibrant colors.

Consequently, these flowers can be seen in a spectrum of colors. Hence, chrysanthemums are also believed to bring good luck and positivity. Besides, they generally represent honesty, friendship, and happiness.

December- Holly, and narcissus

Holly and narcissus are the two most elegant flowers associated with December. Thus, its not surprising to know that birth flowers for December are holly, based on their festive and joyful appearance.

Technically these are not flowers, they are just all green leaves and red berries specifically symbolize the occasion of Christmas. Thus, this makes them a perfect option to include in bouquets. Hence, the flowers are known for good fortune, peace, positivity, and merriment.

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