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An Ultimate Guide to Funeral Flowers Etiquette

Upon hearing the sad news that someone you know has just passed away, it feels quite difficult to show sympathies to the closest members especially when you are miles apart from them.

It’s never been easier for people to get all the courage and deal with the irreparable loss on their own. But the fact is, where words fail you, sending a bunch of funeral flowers is the most thoughtful gesture to express your condolences.

You cannot only pay respect for the deceased but also express your care and concern for the family members by sending flowers. In fact, we believe that flowers serve as the best ever thing that helps family during the mourning period and aids amazingly in the whole bereavement process.

Since it’s a very sensitive and emotional period for the family, so you cannot just send any kind of flowers. Instead, you need to follow proper etiquette. Scroll below to read what are the important funeral flower etiquettes.

What are the funeral flowers etiquettes?

So now let’s move onto what exactly are the funeral flowers etiquette.

Especially if you have never sent flowers or sympathy cards at the funeral of someone you know, it seems hard to follow all the dos-and-don’ts.

Fortunately, there is one rule that you can apply to such sadistic situations, and surprisingly it aids the healing process.

The rule is simple. All you need to do is, reach out to their closest family members and ask whether flowers will be an acceptable thing and where you should send them so the recipients can easily receive them.

Most families tend to include such information in the obituary or invitations, so you don’t have to bother if you already get that information on the card.

But this is not the only thing. There are lots of other factors that could be discussed as funeral flower etiquette, like whether you should attach the card, or which flowers are most appropriate to send, etc.

Traditional funeral flower arrangements:

Now the most common question that keeps everyone stuck is, what could be the most appropriate funeral floral arrangement that could convey the message effectively and help pay tribute to the deceased.

  • Sprays: These are special kinds of large floral arrangements that can be placed on caskets and can be viewed from one side only.
  • Flower bouquets: There are versatile floral arrangements created specifically for this moment. From white fresh white tulips to gerberas arranged in a basket, you can find multiple arrangements online.
  • Casket sprays: These flowers are organized by the family members and usually sit at the top of the casket.
  • Wreaths: You can also send wreaths, which are the circular type of flower arrangement and symbolize eternal life.
  • Small flowers: These are the small kind of arrangements usually features 5 or 10 flowers and can be placed inside the casket.

Should you send a note with the funeral flower arrangement?

Yes, sending some kind words helps a lot in this bereaving process. But you don’t need to write such a lengthy note with flowers. A small caring, thoughtful and meaningful note would be enough to convey your feelings.

For example, adding these short messages are good enough to include in the note:

  • Gone but not forgotten
  • Rest in peace
  • With a lot of treasured memories
  • Really sorry for your loss
  • With love and fond memories

Moreover, when you send funeral flowers and sympathy note, make sure you are asking your online flower delivery services to add your name in the card so that you help the family to know that one of the flowers are from your side.

Some appropriate funeral flowers to send for the family:

This is another important step where you need to choose some appropriate flowers to convey the right message. Your online florist at Hamilton can help you pass that successfully. Here are some suitable flowers they suggest on such heartbreaking occasions:

  • Carnations: This is the most popular funeral flower arrangement that symbolizes support, sympathy, and strength. They are fragrant and perfect for the occasion.
  • Lilies: These are also the most beautiful flowers available in different colors. Your florist will help you choose neutral colors based on the nature of your occasion.
  • Roses: You can send roses to the funeral of a person you loved dearly. Make sure you choose white, pink, or yellow roses for the occasion. Red roses usually symbolize passion, romance, and love which may not look appropriate at that time.
  • Chrysanthemums: These flowers are specially used for funerals in some cultures. They represent feelings of loss, sympathy, and love for the deceased one.

Send flowers after the funeral:

When you send flowers to a grieving family, it looks like the most compelling gesture that shows how much you care about them, and you are really feeling sorry for the loss. But in this case, if you have missed out on the funeral, it’s never too late to convey your deep condolences in the language of flowers.

After a few days or weeks, you can send the family a sophisticated and thoughtful kind of arrangement with a sympathy note tucked inside. Alternatively, if you live in the same city, you can pay the tribute by visiting the grave with flowers and showing support to the family.

Order funeral flowers from a reliable flower delivery service in Hamilton:

When it comes to sending flowers for the funeral, make sure you are relying on the right flower delivery services in Hamilton that have a reputable and trustable authority in the industry. The reason is an expert flower delivery knows what it takes to send a perfect funeral bouquet. They do not only help you choose the right flowers but also include note cards and messages to make the bouquet more effective.

This is why Flower Delivery Hamilton seems to be a great choice. From funeral flowers to sympathy arrangements, the experts provide everything that fits your needs and occasions. Visit our website and browse extensive floral arrangements for every occasion.