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5 Exciting Things to Do in Hamilton Ontario

If you are looking for the most sightseeing place to visit for a short weekend getaway, Hamilton should be on top of the list. There are a lot of exciting things to do in Hamilton Ontario that make your trip fun, exciting and memorable.

From enchanting Niagara Falls to vibrant city life and Warplane heritage museum, Hamilton is one of the most beautiful, yet underrated cities of Ontario packed with full natural beauty.

The city was named after a Canadian Merchant George Hamilton who had notable contributions in the world of entertainment and business.  Hamilton has experienced fabulous growth and development when a canal was cut in Lake Ontario and Hamilton became the biggest port in 1832.

The place is also best known for iron and steel manufacturing, and now became the leading industrial center in Canada.

With thousands of amenities sprung up, local shops & restaurants, and spectacular waterfalls, there are a lot of exciting things to do in Hamilton which makes it the best stopover.

Let’s explore the city’s best attractions and some fun things to do to make the most of your trip.

Enjoy the Beauty of Royal Botanical Gardens:

One of the most wonderful places to see in Hamilton is Royal Botanical Gardens. Especially if you are a flower lover, the place is just way more than a garden. It’s home to thousands of flower species that you hardly see anywhere in Canada. This is also a National historic place and Canada’s largest botanical garden.

You will find another cultivated garden called Hendrie Park which is located at 1,100 hectares and invite people from all over the world.

There is also a vast collection of herbaceous perennials located at the beautiful Laking Garden. Not only that but there is an Arboretum which is well-known for the green and lush English garden.

When you explore the place more, you will find a rock garden, fishway, nature interpretive center as well as the RBG Center that features many attractive indoor gardens.

The Centennial Rose Garden is a real gem of the place that features different colors and species of roses. From June to October, you can discover a huge variety of roses each with different meanings and symbols.

Walking around the beautiful garden consists of 300 flower species that we often find wrapped in our bouquets is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Hamilton Ontario in the Spring and Summer seasons.


Explore the Historic Art Gallery of Hamilton:

Besides watching waterfalls and walking around the flowers, you can also explore the history of art. Especially if you are an art student, there is a lot for you to study and learn. Because undoubtedly, this Art Gallery of Hamilton is the oldest art museum in Canada, and also a most amazing place for tourists.

The gallery houses a wonderful display of more than 10,000 pieces of art.

The place receives more than 300,000 visitors every year in Hamilton which definitely makes the art gallery a most exciting thing to do in Ontario Canada

From historic European art and beautiful traditional paintings, thousands of notable art collections make the place the coolest destination to visit in your lifetime.

art gallery of hamilton

Ride Along the African Lion Safari Park:

Did you know the surprising attraction of Hamilton Ontario?

Yes, we are talking about the magnificent African Lion Safari, which is the most amazing safari park that houses the big beasts of Africa such as giraffes, lions, rhino, and cheetahs.

Extends over to 740km, African Lion Safari Park is primarily divided into 7 spectacular game reserves where animals can freely roam anywhere without a restriction.

Now the best part is, if you want to see the animals, you have to ride in your own vehicle or book the bus tour services provided at the park. The tourists can also visit the walking areas which are homes to small animals like alpacas and cute parrots.

African Lion Safari

Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail for Hiking, Cycling, and Biking:

To get to the beautiful Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail, you have to run for 32km straight. The place is fully off-road hiking as well as feature biking trail which was first developed on the resurfaced area of railway roadbed.

At the starting point of the west side of Hamilton located closely to McMaster University campus, you will see that the trail stretches along the Dundas Valley. It moves up to Jerseyville in a beautiful view which is also quite attractive for cyclists and walkers. And now it also allows horseback riding for more fun and excitement for visitors.

The place looks extremely picturesque on sunny days, and you would love to escape from the busy life of the city to enjoy some green and natural views.

Hamilton to Brantford rail trail

Enjoy the Contemporary Views of Dundurn Castle:

Dundurn Castle is one of the most fabulous destinations in Hamilton Ontario that invites tourists from all parts of the world. This is an Italian-style villa and built traditionally in the 1830s. The place was basically home to Sir Allan Napier MacNab, who was an ex-premier of the Province of Canada.

With its 40 beautiful decorated rooms with ornaments, you will also find a completely stocked produce garden, preserved early in the 19th century and now continues to provide scrumptious vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

When you visit the place, it’s important to book your daily guided tour as they offer detailed insight into the past, history, and the real-life of Dundurn in the earlier years. They can tell you everything in detail and make your visit more fun and memorable.

You can visit the place from Tuesday to Sunday at specific hours of 12-4 pm.

Dundurn Castle


When it comes to exploring Hamilton Ontario, there are a lot of mesmerizing places to visit that make your experience unforgettable. Besides visiting historic, natural, and fun places in Hamilton, you can also visit top luxury restaurants that provide delicious food that tantalize your taste buds. Not only that, but Hamilton’s waterfall and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame are also the best places to make the trip worth remembering.