About Us

Flower Delivery Hamilton has been delivering flowers across the United States and Canada since 1999. After 20 years, our customers have trusted us with over 1 million orders.

While we can access over 15,000 local florists, we focus on choosing the best local florists to deliver flowers for us. Our florists don’t pay us fees to be part of our network. This means we are free to choose the best florists based solely on their quality of work and their track record.

We deliver flowers for all occasions but we specialize in funeral flowers and working with funeral homes. The funeral industry has high expectations when it comes to flowers. We are proud to say that during our history, we have been trusted as the flower provider to over 2,000 funeral homes, almost 10% of the funeral home market.

Flower Delivery Hamilton grew out of a third generation family florist business in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York dating back to 1959. This gives us deep knowledge of flowers and the florist industry.

Flower Delivery Hamilton is headquartered in Flagler Beach, Florida, United States and Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Our Customer Service and innovative technology have been pillars of our success.

About Our Customer Service

Providing excellent Customer Service has been an important part of our success, particularly in the areas of responsiveness and fairness.

You can contact us by calling us, emailing us, or texting us.

When you call us, we strive to answer calls immediately without hold times. Most often, you will not experience any hold time, and when you do, we think it’s minimal compared to hold times that are unfortunately common in business.

We read emails and text messages from you most often within 5 minutes or less. We will respond as soon as we can, though sometimes it may take time to look into the issue and communicate with our local florists and funeral homes.

A human Customer Service Representative responds to texts, not a chat bot.

Things don’t always go as we would like them to. Our company policy is to resolve issues within three days or less of when a ticket is opened. Three days is sometimes required to communicate with our customers, our florists, and partner funeral homes.

We believe we do a good job in accepting responsibility for our part in what went wrong. We analyse and learn from our mistakes to continually refine our service.

When things do go wrong, we try our best to be fair to our customers, our local florists, and our employees.

About Our Technology

From our inception, Flower Delivery Hamilton has been a leader and innovator of technology in the flower industry. Here are just some of our milestones.

1999: We were one of the first florists to be online nationally.

2007: We were the first company to allow Facebook users to send each other real flowers through Facebook using our Social Flowers service.

2009: We developed the API that lets our partners build a flower storefront on any website or application. This was the first API of its kind and is still the only public flower API for flowers in the industry.

Our API was the first to allow our partner funeral homes to choose the local florist making the flower delivery thereby preserving relationships with florists they trust.

2013: We launched a FHW Solutions, our brand in the funeral industry focusing on obituaries for funeral homes. FHW Solutions is used by more than 150 funeral homes in the industry and is growing quickly.

2014: We continued to develop the Social Flowers technology being the first company to allow users to send real flowers by text or email.

2019: We launched Picture Service which allows us to send our customers a picture of their flowers. We listened to thousands of reviews from our customers and they told us they wanted a picture of their flower arrangement because they are not always there to see them.

Our Picture Service helps us ensure we are choosing the best florists and we are using it to build a network of elite florists. We are the only national flower company to offer a picture service.