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What are the Best Flowers for Men on Every Occasion?

When it comes to sending flowers for men, most of us wonder “Is it okay to send flowers to a man?” or “Do even men like flowers?”. Well, other than loving gadgets, yes men also love receiving flowers as it’s the universally adored gift for every occasion.

So, if next time someone asks why should I give flowers to a man, do tell them that flowers are one of the best creations that have the power to express intense feelings when words do not suffice.

However, there are also different etiquettes, flower types, and ideas that prove helpful in making the gesture even more special. Whether you are sending them birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, Father’s Day flowers, or wedding flowers, you must understand some crucial elements before picking your arrangement.

We bet that now you must be thinking about what flowers you should deliver to your man according to his style, personality, nature, and appearance.

Let us help you choose the right flowers for men that suit their personality and also brighten up the long tiring day.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Sending Flowers for Men:

Knowing the best flowers based on their colors, types, and patterns is a bit tricky, but if you know his preferences, things get a little easier for you. However, if he is not so close to you, then it’s better to follow some general rules of thumb.

  • Pick bold colors:

When you pick out flowers for men, make sure you go for bold and rich flower shades such as bright red, maroon, dark purple, orange, green, and even yellow. Avoid sending pastel coloreds flowers like pink or light purple. If you think they won’t like such bold colors, then you can also rely on white, cream, or peach colors.

  • Choose versatile arrangements:

Do you know what are the best flowers for men that they always love and adore? The ones that look strong and feature structural petal shapes, so it’s recommended to choose robust and versatile arrangements that look unique and convey a deep message.

  • Get a cool vase:

Another tip that works is, get a cool and unique vase when you send flowers to men. It could be made of wood or any other metal instead of the old and boring crystal look. Because this style usually looks well with decorating his place. If you are creative enough, make your own vase out of that beer stein he loves the most.

  • Choose the scent carefully:

Many flowers have a strong, sharp, and spicy scent like carnations, roses, and lavender. Flowers without scent have little impact on him and he may not feel anything that you want to convey. You can even play off the scents from the cologne he uses the most.

Anniversary Flowers for Men:

Anniversary is the most important occasion for both partners. Make it special by giving him the best flowers:

  • Red roses:

Red roses are probably the best gift and an ultimate expression of love. Pair them up with other add-ons like chocolates, sweets, or even champaign.

  • Lady’s mantle:

Well, do not let that feministic name fool you.  Lady’s mantle flowers are basically the best flowers for men. They exist in subtle green color and beautify the arrangement when mixed with roses and lilies. They can be given to express comforting love, which is why they are best for sending on anniversaries.

  • Dahlias:

Dahlia flowers are associated with lasting bonds and commitment. To make them the perfect masculine flower arrangement, choose them in a deep red color.

Father’s Day Flowers for Men:

Mothers shouldn’t be the only one that receives flowers on their day, fathers also deserve the same love and privilege, right? Let’s find out what are the best flowers to be given on Father’s Day.

  • Lucky Bamboo:

This is technically not a flower, but a lucky bamboo type is probably the best gift for him that can be decorated on his desk or nightstand.

  • Sunflowers:

Who doesn’t like the vibe of cheerful bright yellow sunflowers bouquets? The flowers are sent on happy occasions and symbolize long life and vitality.

Birthday Flowers for Men:

Let’s wish him the happiest of birthdays with some stunning flowers that deliver the best message. Here are our favorite birthday flowers for him:

  • Peace lily:

Peace lilies are a little difficult to care for because they are originally a plant. If he loves greenery and freshness in his space, the peace lily is a perfect item for him.

  • Birds of paradise:

If you want to surprise him with something unique this year, give him birds of paradise flowers. They are absolutely exotic and surely stand out from all the gifts he receives. Also, include a beautiful gift card to the bouquet to share some kind words and feelings.

  • Gerberas:

Gerberas are another gorgeous flower that can put a beautiful smile on his face. The flowers represent cheerfulness and innocence. This means they are all-rounder flowers that are best to give people of any age.

Congratulation Flowers for Men:

Congratulate him with a bunch of dazzling flowers on his achievement or another big accomplishment. Some of the right flowers for him are:

  • Orchids:

Orchids are perfect to congratulate your men. The flowers symbolize pride and maturity, which makes them an ideal arrangement for men. They also look unique, fresh, and more beautiful than others.

  • Irises:

Irises symbolize strength, positivity, courage, faith, and admiration- making them an excellent floral gift for wishing him luck and success in the future.

  • Tulips:

Spread some love with tall tulips. The flowers represent happiness, cheer, and joy, especially when given in yellow colors. You can even pair them up with spring fruit baskets.


Buying flowers for your favorite men is not an easy task. You need to do a lot of work and put some effort to make it the best gift for them. However, we are sure that after following the above tips, you do it more effectively.

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