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Pink Carnation Meaning, History, and Symbolism

Carnation is one of the most loved and universally known flowers, also called “flowers of God” due to their scientific name ‘dianthus,’ which comes from Greek and breaks down to ‘dios’ meaning Zeus, and ‘anthos’ meaning flower.

Due to their wonderfully ruffled petals and lush appearance, pink carnations are the most favorite choice of weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions. Their light, fresh, sweet scent and attractive color shade make them a preferred flower for Mother’s Day as giving pink carnations usually denote undying love- which can only be associated with mothers.

In short, it’s just a beautiful delight for all the seasons and senses. When you include them in a bouquet with roses and tulips, pink carnations extremely look adorable and enhance the elegance of your floral gift.

So, keep reading to find out more about pink carnation meaning, symbolism, history and uses that make them special among other flowers.

Pink carnation meaning- Gratitude, appreciation, and undying love!

When carnation flowers were discovered originally, they were mainly found in different shades of pink, which means it was originated in just pink color. But after their evolution and growth over time, they originated in multiple colors, and each associated with their own meaning.

For example, white carnations mean calm, peace, and purity, and red carnations mean love, care, and passion. Similarly, yellow carnations mean rejection and purple means capriciousness.

However, when it comes to pink carnations, the meanings are totally wonderful and impeccable. Because pink denotes gratitude, appreciation, tenderness, fondness, and undying motherly love.

Since pink carnation color was first originated than others, its meaning is most beautiful and satisfying. That’s the reason, people associate this flower with Mother’s Day. In fact, pink carnations are the official flowers of Mother’s Day in the US and other countries. But if you want to express appreciation to someone or just want to say thanks for your care and affection, then this flower is definitely a great choice. It can be given to anyone on your list, from teachers to nurses, and colleagues to best friends, pink carnations say a lot which you cannot describe in words.

Pink carnations history:

Did you know the fact that carnation is the oldest flower that exists in history? Isn’t it amazing?

The flowers were discovered in Roman times and the Ancient Greeks period by the most popular and earliest known botanist called Theophrastus.

According to a Christian legend, the flowers first bloomed when Mother Mary shed tears for Jesus while he carried the cross. After witnessing his plight, she started to cry, and the flowers sprang up where her tears fell on earth.

Uses of carnations:

These flowers grow well in Asian Countries and all over Europe. Above all, these flowers are loved by so many people associated with art and decorations.

Because they help create door wreaths, bouquets, and other decorative items. They also have a lot of health benefits unlike other traditional flowers in history! For example, people who suffer from stress and anxiety can brew a soft carnation tea as it helps them to elevate their feelings while boosting their power and energy.

Moreover, these flowers are also helpful in treating stomach aches, acne, fevers, and reducing black spots and wrinkles. That’s the reason, pink carnations have specifically become a most favorite flower choice for all.

Pink carnations symbolism:

Carnations have been around for more than 2000 years, which means they are associated with different symbols and meanings in every culture. Have a look at various symbols of pink carnations.

  • Love:

Apart from gratitude and appreciation, carnations also symbolize devotion and unconditional love. Now whether it’s romantic love, motherly love, or love for friends, pink carnations are the perfect choice to express your feelings and sentiments. They make a most wonderful gift for occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings.

  • Fascination and captivation:

Carnations can also be associated with fascination and utmost captivation, due to their extremely vibrant look. Giving carnations is a gesture of expressing love and gratitude, and also a romantic way to appreciate the beauty of your partner.

Many people also include carnation in their poetry, poems, songs, and paintings to best express their feelings for someone they love. If you are giving them to the people you adore and love, it means you highly appreciate their presence in your life and they really matter to you.

  • Distinctive and charming:

Since carnations are unique, charming, and beautiful in shape, they also symbolize distinction. Carnations know how to set them apart from others in the crowd and attract people towards their captivating look! So, if you have any quirky, special and lovely person in your life, pink carnations are the perfect choice to make them feel charming and valuable.

  • Devotion:

Do you know pink carnations are the most preferred choice when you want to tie the knot? These flowers represent love and devotion, plus look beautiful in a bouquet when you walk down the aisle.

In fact, a lot of reputable Renaissance painters have used pink carnations in their engagement dates back to 15-16 century. So, using them as hair accessories, or decorating them in a bouquet, table or buttonholes make your overall appearance more fascinated and devoted.


Carnations are one of the versatile flowers in history that have different uses and symbols. Especially pink carnations have a lot of significance and importance as the color gives the message of positivity, pure love, and prosperous life.

So, after reading all the above facts, we hope that now you understand the importance of giving pink carnations to your loved ones. Because the flowers are not specific for one reason, they have different symbols, and all denote love, care, gratitude, and appreciation, which makes them a wonderful choice.

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