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A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Multi-Colored Roses

A combination of vibrant colors, blooming in rich with a dreamful appearance, multi-colored roses just stand out, to say the least. These beautiful flowers are commonly known as Rainbow roses that have artificially colored petals and look fake.

You won’t believe your eyes once you see each petal’s bright hues that completely look different from other roses in look and vibe. Because these are quite different from a regular rose flower- which is why most people choose them as a gift for their dear ones.

Since they are unnaturally colored, they do not last much longer despite lots of care and attention. So, you must be wondering how these roses are made, and what techniques bring different pretty hues.

If you think it’s somewhat related to genetic engineering or cross-breeding, you are in bad luck. Also, you cannot grow them from regular bulbs or seeds. So, what’s the real magic behind them?

Let’s explore here and follow this step-by-step guide created by our experts at Flower Delivery Hamilton.

How to create multi-colored roses?

Creating a multi-colored rose is a simple yet magnificent process and results are incredibly surprising. The process can be done with the help of a transportation system in vascular plants. The Rose stem contains xylem tubes that suck water and send it to the upper part of the flower, its leaves, and petals.

Now if you submerge the stem of your rose in some colored water, it would be responsible to pump that colored water to the top parts of the flower.

That water will be evaporated from the petals, but its color particles will always remain in these parts and color will be automatically stored in the petals of the flower. Since the outer layer of every white rose is neutral in color, it would show you that particular color you transported through the xylem. This is the simple physics behind rainbow roses.

Six step process guide for rainbow roses:

Wondering how to create a one rainbow rose? Let’s follow this step-by-step process.

When you dip the stem of the rose in multiple colors one by one, the colors will be mixed. No, you won’t get different colored petals by mixing different colors.

The solution is splitting. When you split all the end areas of your rose stem and dip it in multiple colors, you will get a multi-colored rose.

  • Step 1:

Get a fresh-cut white rose from your garden or buy from online florists who source directly from fresh fields. If the white rose is not available, go for any lighter colored rose such as pale pink or light yellow. Make sure their stem is 8-9 inches long.

  • Step 2:

Now you need some beautiful water-soluble colors. Get four different colors. These colors should be quite different and have a high contrast value. Two colors should not be alike, for example, do not choose different shades of pink, or choose blue or violet, as both colors can mix up to give one shade only. You can either choose blue or just violet.

Similarly, do not choose orange and red shades together. The best color combinations could be red, blue, green, yellow- and violet, red, blue, yellow, or you can choose yellow, purple, grey, and blue.

  • Step 3:

In the next step, you need to get four cups filled with fresh water. Add one color to each cup of water and mix it well. You need to add these color drips until the color of the water gets changed and looks opaque. You can control the brightness of colors by adding more or fewer drops. Make sure all four cups have the four-color combinations as explained above.

  • Step 4:

Once you get the colors in the cups of water. You need to split all the ends parts of the stem that you have cut before. Use a scissor, knife, or any sharp blade so you can cut the stem up to 6 inches.

  • Step 5:

It’s time to dip all four ends of your severed stem into four different cups of water containing color combinations. Make sure the part of the stem is standing erect or at least give them some support so the water can be transported fully.

  • Step 6:

Now you have to give the process at least 24 hours, and then wait for how the magic occurs. You will be amazed to see the beautiful transformation of your white roses! After 24 hours, bind all the split ends of the stem with the help of some adhesive tapes.

Some important points to note for avoiding any failure:

  • Always choose white roses, do not go for red or pink rose options.
  • Make sure the colors you choose must be water-soluble.
  • All the colors must blend well in the water. Steer them carefully for good results.
  • The process of splitting the stem should be followed with extreme care and precision. Watch out the fingers don’t get hurt.
  • Never keep the colors or water under direct sunlight. Because your flowers will be dried immediately, and petals will soon be dropped without getting your desired colors.


The results will be surprising and magnificent. You will get beautiful rainbow-colored roses with each color split perfectly to the petals.

You can get as many multi-colored roses as you want by following this simple and interesting process. With fresh, bold, and vibrant multi-colored roses, you can make your friends and loved ones happy because the colors look unique and appealing that are a little different from other shades of roses. When you give them to your friends or your special persons, you might see a beautiful smile on their faces.