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A Guide to Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

Every couple shares a special bond together, a bond of love, care, happiness, and respect. Right from the day they meet and get married until the lifetime of togetherness, there are a lot of moments they share and celebrate with each other.

However, wedding anniversaries are some special and more beautiful occasions when they have an opportunity to express their divine love for each other. That’s the reason, without giving a second thought, most couples plan date nights and give wedding anniversary flowers to each other as an ultimate symbol of love and passion.

But did you know there are some specific flowers associated with each year anniversary? Yes, every wedding anniversary has a special flower that further sweetens the moments and certainly makes your gift-giving easier.

So, let’s discover which flowers are suitable for each year of your wedding anniversary so you can surprise your partner more wonderfully.

Carnations for 1st Wedding Anniversary:

Carnations are one of the top choices when it comes to giving wedding anniversary flowers. These are the traditional flowers that can be given on completing 1 year of togetherness.

The flowers are associated with strong love, romance, and passion. Carnations can beautifully capture the feelings of passion, optimism, calm, and peace so they are always the preferred choice for the 1st anniversary.

Cosmos for 2nd Wedding Anniversary:

Cosmos is a deep flower choice. They can be given when the love is being transformed from a simple to a more complicated stage. And this is what exactly every couple experience in completing two years of marriage.

The flower is beautiful and delicate and symbolizes pure love.

Sunflowers for 3rd Wedding Anniversary:

The sunflowers symbolize strength, passion, positivity, and color in life.

According to an old belief, a long stalk of the sunflower symbolizes a strong foundation. Now, this is the foundation where your marriage and relationship have been built. And those yellow petals of flowers symbolize your endless love that has got increased with time. So ultimately these are the best flowers to celebrate three years of togetherness successfully.

Geranium for 4th Wedding Anniversary:

After spending 4 years together, every married couple develops a strong understanding of each other and gets comfortable around them. That’s the reason, Geranium flowers are given to celebrate the familiarity of each other.

The flowers symbolize pure comfort, elegance, and beauty that we usually find in recognizable elements.

Daisies for 5th Wedding Anniversary:

Due to the flower’s symbolic structure, daisies are the most beautiful choice for celebrating the 5th wedding anniversary. Every petal of the flower beautifully and uniquely radiates outwards which represents all the complicated and unique ways the couple went through and grew together.

Whereas the central area symbolizes a strong bond the couple shares.

Calla Lilies for 6th Wedding Anniversary:

Calla lily is one of the most elegant, tender, and sophisticated flowers. The flowers are unique in appearance and have slender blossom, They represent some complicated ways of each partner that has evolved over 6 years.

Freesia for 7th Wedding Anniversary:

Unlike other common flowers, Freesia has a beautiful, epic, and exotic appearance. It features some powerful staggered flower buds that are growing up to the stem. The scent of this beautiful flower is a perennial favorite which also serves as an ingredient in soaps, creams, and lotions.

These flowers are usually given on the occasion of the 7th anniversary as they represent how much the partners appreciate their valuable efforts for each other and some unique qualities they have.

Therefore, it’s an ideal option for celebrating your 7 years of togetherness. If these flowers are not available, you can consider Freesia scent that also works well.

Clematis for 8th Wedding Anniversary:

Clematis flowers are a beautiful representation of smartness, intelligence, and talent.

If you want to adore the qualities and talent of your partner, this is a wonderful choice that can be given while celebrating 8 years together. The flowers also express the way how couples grew wiser and stronger with each other.

Poppy for 9th Wedding Anniversary:

Poppy flowers are the perfect choice for celebrating nine beautiful years together. The flowers have a unique appearance and beautiful scent. Especially if your anniversary is in August, Poppy flowers are an ideal choice.

The flowers also represent imagination, positivity, and oblivion. These qualities are reflective of the sense of peace, happiness, and contentment that you have achieved in that long period.

Daffodils for 10th Wedding Anniversary:

Giving your partner one daffodil flower is a remarkable way to express love but giving them a bouquet of colorful daffodils is just an outstanding feeling.

That’s the reason, daffodils are the traditional flower that can be given to celebrate 10 beautiful years. One year of marriage is extremely important but celebrating 10 years is something out of this world. Therefore, make the moments count by appreciating your love for daffodils.

Morning glory for 11th Wedding Anniversary:

Morning glory flowers can make your surroundings a lot more bright, colorful, cheerful, and comfortable. These flowers symbolize pure love and affection for each other, which makes them a perfect option for celebrating the 11th wedding anniversary.

Peony for 12th Wedding Anniversary:

The tender, intricate, delicate, and soft petals of a peony make the best 12th wedding anniversary gift.

This is such a long period of your marriage where couples develop great understanding and a sense of appreciation for each other. They respect each other’s choices and accept all the differences for making it work. Thus, peony flowers are best to celebrate 12 years of happiness.

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