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Some Popular Flowers That Grow in Ontario

Whether you are looking for flowers that grow well in shades, or all-year-round bloomers that attract pollinators; from whimsical flower arrangements to popular landscape flowers, you can’t go wrong with choices as there are a wealth of options evolved for every taste and budget.

No matter the season, there are some popular flowers that grow in Ontario all year round and continues to add a pop of colors in bouquets, vases, baskets, and different arrangements. Especially when it comes to sending a floral gift to your loved ones, you will see how talented florists collect these flowers from fresh farms of Ontario and wrap them in a bouquet.

Speaking of which, here we have rounded together a list of some beautiful flowers that grow in Ontario such as allium, Asclepias, Angelonia, and many more to add to the list. Let’s get some details of each popular flower of Ontario and find out some specific features that make them special.

1. Astilbe:

If you want to add texture, charm, elegance, and character to your flower arrangement, Astilbe is the right choice to consider. This versatile flower was once an important part of old-fashioned garden-style arrangements. But it doesn’t mean that the flower is outdated now, it still adds beauty and colors to a formal style arrangement.


  • Finely cut leaves with feathery flower sprays
  • Available in pink, red and white colors
  • Best for both planting in gardens and casual bouquets
  • 4-12 days bloom time

2. Asclepias:

Asclepias species are also called Butterfly flowers or milkweed. They usually grow in wild and open spaces where they can get sufficient light and energy. That’s they always bring some natural feelings and vibes to your flower arrangements. The flowers are best for outdoor occasions and give beautiful summer feelings.


  • Look well when arranging with lily and sunflowers
  • Available in pink, orange, and yellow colors
  • 4-12 days bloom time
  • Gives cheerful feelings when decorated in patio, gardens, or poolside

3. Anthurium:

Due to its unusual, unique, and spectacular color vibes, Anthurium flowers are the most popular and tropical flowers that grow in Ontario Canada. They add a special touch when added to mixed flower arrangements. These are also long-lasting cut flowers in shape. The flower may not be appreciated well when added in large bouquets.


  • Anthurium has the most architectural look that makes it unique among others.
  • Available in red, pink, and white colors
  • Look well when mixed with roses and delphiniums
  • 4-12 days bloom time

4. Calceolaria:

Calceolaria species are also called pouch flowers or slipper flowers. These are puffed-up flowers that bring extreme elegance and colors when added to the bouquets. Therefore, most florists prefer adding them to just give a vibrant touch to their arrangement. The flowers can also be used as centerpieces or arranged in end tables where they attract most eyes.


  • Best decorative items for windowsill or bedrooms
  • Grow in warm weathers
  • Available in orange, red, and yellow shades
  • Bloom in the summer season

5. Daffodils:

Daffodils are another popular flower of Ontario that usually reminds us of warm and sunny days of summer. They symbolize rebirth and are always given on occasions of birthdays, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day. Daffodils are also the perfect flowers for March which is associated with Spring and brighten up the room with their cheerful appearance.


  • Available in only yellow shades
  • Bloom only in Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr
  • They are the bold display and look vibrant in old fashioned floral arrangements
  • Look well when arranged with Tulips and Hyacinth flowers

6. Evolvulus:

Evolvulus is the perfect choice for baskets, bouquets, and containers. Their blue colors add a fresh touch to the arrangement and bring a beautiful smile to your recipient’s face. The flowers are best for cascading walls and containers, which also grow as a perennial in the frosting climates of Ontario. Their lush blue appearance makes a great landscape that attracts eyes immediately.


  • Available in blue shades only
  • Bloom only in the summer season
  • Look well when combining with Verbena and Geranium
  • Best for beds and borders

7. Flowering Maple Indoors:

The flowering maple species is basically not a true maple. But its foliage is just similar to maple trees.  You can grow them well in containers or your gardens as they bloom throughout the warm season. They also make beautiful indoors and outdoors. They have stunning variegated foliage leaves that further make them an elegant choice.


  • Their bloom time is summer to autumn
  • Available in pink, orange, red and yellow colors
  • Best for bouquets and casual flower arrangements
  • Look well when combined with Lantana and Clivia flowers

8. Gerbera (Mini):

Gerberas are the most popular flowers that grow in almost every part of the world. These flowers are the mini version of Gerbera daisies, and available in an extensive color range. You cannot only use them in small floral arrangements but also for end table decorations and centerpieces. The flowers symbolize innocence, purity, and elegance.


  • Available in pink, white, orange, yellow, red, salmon, and purple colors
  • 4-12 days bloom time
  • Look well when combining with Freesia and Calla flowers in a bouquet
  • Always look incredible, whether in large arrangements or a single stem in a vase

9. Hyacinth:

Hyacinth- another common flower that grows in Ontario and famous for adding texture to traditional floral arrangements. The flowers have a beautiful scent which is the main essence of Spring. They look well in every shape, whether arranged in a bouquet or decorated in a vase.


  • Available in blue, pink, white, yellow, and lavender colors.
  • Grow well in 4-12 days
  • Looks beautiful when arranged with tulips and Daffodils


Regardless of their design, size, style, and colors, there are thousands of flowers and plant species that grow in Ontario and spread colorful delight to bouquets and gardens.

So, whether you want to give them as a gift to your loved ones, or just want to decorate your gardens with their lovely texture & appearance, consider the above flower species in Ontario that pump up the colors you want to see and adore. In other cases, contact Flower Delivery Hamilton where florists can source them directly from the gardens of Canada and provide them according to your requirements.