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10 Interesting Sunflower Facts You Might Not Know About

When we picture a sunflower in our mind, all we see is a bright, yellow, bold, tall, and sun-shaped flower that looks a little different from other flowers due to its versatile and dynamic petals that are definitely happy sight to behold.

However, there is much more to their nature and qualities than just their beauty. This is a multi-purpose flower that keeps your garden flourish with its auspicious charm and brightness.

Not only that, but people also love to order sunflowers bouquet from online delivery services as the flower represent positivity, strength, and hope, which makes it a wonderful floral gift for your family and friends.

Let’s learn what other interesting facts make the flower extra special than others.

Thousands of teeny flowers make up an individual sunflower:

Did you know the head of this beautiful flower is actually a combination of thousands of teeny flowers?

Each petal you find at the circumference is a tiny flower, which is called ray florets due to their long, bright, and colorful petals.

Sunflower is the best source of Vitamin D:

Another interesting fact to know is, sunflower is the best source of sunlight. How?

Many people cannot get enough sunlight due to their hectic routine or the nature of the work environment. For those people, sunflower oil is the best thing that can meet their Vitamin D needs. Not only that, but it also gives Vitamin A, E, phosphorus, iron, selenium, copper, magnesium, and many more.

When you use sunflower oil as a food supplement, it helps you out in overcoming many deficiencies. Besides that, sunflowers oil also reduce cholesterol levels. They also have anti-inflammatory effects; you can use the oil for your skin to repair water loss and skin barrier.

Sunflowers are NOT only yellow:

You must be surprised to know that sunflowers do not only exist in yellow color. You can also find them in red and purple shades.

Yes, sunflowers are also characterized by bold and attractive red petals with a dark brown center. Red sunflowers can also grow up to 6 feet with 6 inches bloom. Also, they are easier to grow and do not require specific soil conditions.

Moreover, the purple sunflower also looks beautiful in appearance. They have deep dark red petals, and they have no pollen, which makes them good for cutting. Florists use them in bouquets to help balance colors and make the gift more attractive to the recipients.

Sunflowers do not face each other on cloudy days:

We have observed a common myth that says sunflowers usually face each other when there is a cloud or rainy day. However, that’s not true.

You may find it one of the amazing sunflower facts, but it has been proved inaccurate by scientists. Sunflower is the only plant that just responds to the sun and would never move an inch in the absence of the sun because they only follow the direction of the sun. When they fully grow, they stop following the sun’s direction and face east all day long.

The height of the tallest sunflower is 30-feet:

Yes, that’s another surprising fact that might not be heard by many people.

The tallest sunflower exists, and its height is 30 feet tall. Hans-Peter Schiffer in Karst who belongs to Germany was the first person responsible for growing such a big sunflower in history by just one-inch plant.

The fact was also highlighted by Guinness World Records on August 28, 2014.

Teddy bear sunflowers type:

Teddy Bear sunflowers are another type of sunflower that is quite bushy and spherical in shape. Now, this type usually produces double blooms, and it simply gives them a very fluffy head just like teddy bears.

Due to this special and unusual kind of anatomy, sunflowers received the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 2015.

Another interesting thing to note is, many people use this teddy bear sunflower in garnishing salads, cakes, and other dishes.

Sunflowers self-pollinate:

Sunflowers can usually pollinate by attracting bees. Now the bees are responsible to carry self-created pollen to the stigma. In case when stigma doesn’t receive any pollen, sunflowers can easily self-pollinate to reproduce. That stigma starts twisting around to reach the pollen.

Here is another fact to surprise you a bit. Seeds that produce from self-pollination start growing identical to just like an original sunflower.

You can harvest sunflowers in the morning:

Yes, you have read that right. If you want to spread some brightness in the home by decorating sunflowers in the vase, do it in the morning only. Because sunflowers usually wilt in the afternoon.

Sunflowers need a lot of rays to grow:

Sunflowers do not just look like the sun, but they also need it to grow and survive. The flowers can usually grow well in about six to eight hours. But the more energy they receive, the taller they grow. Some of them can even grow above 16 feet, although lots of sunflower varieties are developed to grow and thrive at various heights.

Remember, sunflowers that are planted closer may start competing, and do not blossom to the fullest of their potential.

They are native to America:

Sunflowers are native to America. Like other vegetables and plants, their origin is not Europe. They have been cultivated in North America since around 3000 BCE. They were first developed as medicine, oil, food, and dye.

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