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7 Famous Gardens Around the World with Lush Flowers

A perfect stroll in the garden and sprouting of fresh lush flowers is such a lovely combination to make your outdoor experience memorable and heartwarming.

Throughout history, beautiful gardens with nicely fragrant flowers and colorful butterflies moving around have been considered a nice space for relaxation, contemplation, and creativity. These relaxing views and feelings allow our minds to immerse in the beauty of nature.

That’s the reason, people love spending hours in gardens to combat loneliness and enjoying some free time alone.

There are thousands of gardens in the world. From Butchart Gardens in Canada to Japanese Zen Gardens, each place has its own beauty, aroma, and vibes. Above all, they have unique and prettiest flowers that are hard to find anywhere in the world.

Let’s explore some top gardens around the world with wonderful landscape designs and spectacular flower collections.

Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada:

The beautiful Butchart Gardens in British Columbia has been inspiring people for more than 100 years due to its lush green landscape, colorful flowers, and amazing plants. The garden is blooming in its full potential as it has more than 50 full-time gardeners who are responsible for taking care of 55 acres which also includes more than 25 greenhouses.

The Sunken Garden is one of the most beautiful areas in the garden that is the center of attraction for people. It’s built in a former limestone quarry which was further enhanced by Jennie Butchart. The garden has a lot of colorful and unique flowers that are hard to be seen anywhere in Canada.

Kew Gardens, London, England:

This tranquil flower garden is located in south London and one of the most popular gardens of the world that houses over 50,000 unique plant species.

Not only that, but it’s also an essential place for botanical research as well as a great architectural masterpiece.

That historical garden houses some threatened species of flowers and plants. Besides that, it also has some more amazing attractions such as the bamboo garden, arboretum as well as the Princess of Wales Conservatory. This is a mesmerizing glass house that contains plants from various climate zones.

Singapore botanic gardens:

Another attractive garden on the list is Singapore Botanic Gardens which have the most amazing distinction of being the only garden around the world that stays open every single day. When you visit the garden once, you will find why people love this place and prefer visiting every weekend with families.

The place has a lot of annual visitors which surpasses 4.5 million every year. People love to visit the place as it has a lot to offer. Colorful flowers, unique plants, and beautiful spots to explore.

This is also the top tourist spot in Asia, which has even won multiple accolades, and another element that makes the place wonderful is, the Singapore Botanic Gardens also features a nice rainforest within it. This makes the garden special and unique among all the gardens in the world.

The international rose test garden in Portland:

There is no surprise in knowing the fact that one of the top gardens in the world is located in Oregon, which is also called the City of Roses. The international rose test garden holds a unique feature, hundreds of new rose cultivars are sent to the garden from around the world so they can be tested for several attributes, which also include color, disease resistance, and other properties.

Visitors can see more than 550 rose varieties and also some lovely vistas of iconic Mount Hood as well as nearby located Cascade Mountains.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne:

Most of us believe that Australia is a land of harsh deserts and a lot of poisonous creatures- which is definitely not true in any regard. But we doubt what you still have not learned about Australia is, it’s home to a beautiful and colorful internationally renowned garden known as Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

The place looks quite artistic in nature and features more than 10,000 individual species of unique and exotic plants. The gardens span more than 100 acres, which makes them an attractive place to visit for the people of Australia.

Monet’s Gardens France:

Monet’s Gardens beautifully inspired the renowned famous series of painters. Today, if you want to experience something unique and out of this world then immerse yourself in the beauty and elegance of Monet’s gardens. The iconic water of the garden with an inspiring Japanese bridge is a wonderful sight for the eyes and makes the place an incredibly fun spot for families and couples.

People also love to visit and explore the vibrant flower garden that further adds to its creativity and makes it a worth visiting place.

Brooklyn botanic gardens, New York:

Have you ever visited a garden that has a 52-acre area in the heart of a stunning metropolis? If not yet, Brooklyn botanic gardens are the best place to visit if you belong to New York. The gardens are purely natural and scenic views with hundreds of plants and flower species.  It also has beautiful walking trails that surely make your summers beautiful while running with colorful flowers around.

Another interesting element is, the garden has more than 200 cherry trees, which look more prominent, healthy, and fully grown during the month-long blossom festival.


If you want to delight yourself in the beautiful, mesmerizing, and stunning place, visiting the above-mentioned gardens could be a pure relief. Full of greenery, colorful flowers, and scenic spots can naturally calm nerves, reduce anxiety and give refreshing feelings.

Above all, the gardens have all kinds of flowers and plants that you may love to choose from as they bring joys and happiness to every heart. Moreover, if you belong to Canada, and want to gift a taste of what its famous garden offers, then contact Flower Delivery Hamilton and our florists will source fresh flowers from the gardens to craft a mesmerizing bouquet.