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Send Sympathy Flowers to Express Condolences During Covid-19

There are lots of unprecedented measures taken place during the Covid-19 pandemic that restricted all kinds of gatherings including funerals, burials, and wakes.

Consequently, mourners have no other choice than to sit at the corner of their room and grief alone, because the more they interact with people the more chances of contracting the disease.

Therefore, performing common religious practices at funerals and burials were limited to a certain extent and family members tend to avoid big gatherings and interactions. Nevertheless, this is the most crucial time when family members need support, encouragement, and motivation from their friends and extended family members.

But unfortunately, they cannot receive that support in physical form such as a hug at the funeral. So, what could be the other ways to show your condolences to the grieving person? A message or a sweet talk full of love and motivation?

Well, maybe you can do much more than this. A bouquet of fresh sympathy flowers may work well and can deliver a message of love, peace, calm, and appreciation in these hard times.

So, let’s learn why sending flowers could be the best way to express condolences during covid19 without having any physical interaction.

People feel special and encouraged when receiving sympathy flowers:

Flowers are just one of those creations that most people love to receive no matter what the occasion is. However, in the case of funerals during covid19, when you send flowers to the recipient who is mourning and grieving, it would have a special impact on him.

Your recipient might feel loved, special and honored when he receives a sophisticated bouquet at that moment. He would further realize that he is not alone in the situation. Sending flowers to convey a message that maybe you couldn’t be there for them physically, but you have a special place for them in your heart and you will always be with them no matter what. This super cool act will also strengthen your bond with the loved ones of the deceased.

Flowers lead to a healthy relationship between you and the recipient:

Another important fact is you can stabilize your relationship with the recipient. If you two are not on good terms, you may take the initiative first. It would make them feel that you still care about them and you want to send all the good wishes and sympathies during this hard time.

It’s just because flowers have positive impacts when they are sent by the closest friend or a member of the family. According to a recent analysis, sending flowers forge personal connections with the recipient. It leads to strong and healthy contact with the family members of the deceased.

During the covid19 pandemic when people are not allowed to meet each other or hug to express sympathies and condolences, flowers play a vital role in conveying kind wishes and thoughts. Because this is a time when your recipient needs more comfort and care than ever.

So, when they receive a bouquet during that time, they feel that they are not alone, and you are still supporting them even you are no longer here to console them.

Flowers impact moods as they have magical healing effects:

It might be surprising to know that flowers have strong magical healing properties. They work as a therapy and affect moods positively that lasts for days and weeks.

As studies say, when you receive a floral bouquet from your dear one, recipients respond with true smiles. It impacts their mood in this tough situation, and they feel a bit relaxed and relieved. The presence of delicate flowers and their amazing scents soothe nerves while having long-term impacts on moods and happiness.

Studies have also found that in the first couple of days of mourning, when people receive floral arrangements from their loved ones, their euphoria wore off and they experience an amazing change in their mood and overall behavior.

In fact, some people who suffer from depression and anxiety during this hard time when nobody is here to console their heart, receiving flowers lessened these feelings and made them feel better somehow.

Instant delight, satisfaction, and happiness with flowers:

Flowers do not only strengthen the connections with your recipient but also create feelings of instant delight, satisfaction, and happiness.

Besides bringing a smile to the recipient’s face, they also make them feel special and build feelings of instant happiness. This is just because flowers always remind us of the beauty of nature and this world, and we may feel a strong connection with nature and the outdoors. During these hard, uncomfortable, and uneasy moments, a bouquet work like magic on their mental condition.

What type of flowers should be sent to express condolences?

Some common funeral flowers could be sent when you are not able to attend during covid19.

  • Lilies:

Lilies are the most popular flowers in funeral services as they represent innocence, peace, and calm. White stargazer lily is more appropriate to send as they symbolize purity, majesty, and sympathy.

  • Roses:

Just like lilies, white or pastel shade roses also represent innocence, purity, and peace. You could mix them with other flowers in the bouquet to create a more sophisticated arrangement.

  • Orchids:

Sending potted orchids is also a great sympathy flower as they evoke feelings of renewal and rebirth. The flowers also mean “I will always love you no matter what.”

  • Carnations:

White carnations are the special funeral flowers that represent comfort and ease. They also symbolize love and admiration and could be great therapy for the recipient.

Order sympathy flowers online to express condolences:

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