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How to Choose Right Flowers for Wedding?

Choosing the right flowers for a wedding can be fun, exciting but stressful as well. With a plethora of options in flower colors, patterns, and their types, it gets overwhelming to choose the best flowers that actually look good for a wedding bouquet.

Especially if it’s your own wedding and you have to choose a perfect flower bouquet to walk down the aisle, then you become a bit more careful. You want to go the extra mile to ensure that the flowers look perfect with your dress, and also reflect your preferences, venue, budget, and the occasion’s theme.

So, today in this post, we are here to help you choose the right for your wedding. Make sure you read to till the end, so you don’t have to look at your photos with regret after the wedding.

Important types of wedding flower arrangements:

Before moving onto the tips, first, it’s important to have a look at some special wedding flower arrangements that include:

  • Bridal bouquet
  • Aisle markers
  • Bridesmaid bouquet
  • Floral decoration
  • Wedding centerpieces
  • Boutonnieres

There are different arrangements for each type. Therefore, consultation with the right florist is an important need as he can guide you better about what flowers could look more appropriate for each wedding flower arrangement.

Discover some popular flower arrangements for a wedding:

Discovering some popular flower arrangements is crucial if it’s your first time planning a wedding. Because you may want to explore a lot of options that might go well with the theme you select.

So before meeting your florist, you have to check what is trending or popular flowers available out there. While you are not an expert in the industry or may have the least knowledge about the arrangements, so we would love to recommend some basic options. For example, it’s important to know that some particular flowers are highly fragrant and look good for bouquets such as lilacs, roses, sweet peas, and tulips.

Some flowers are specific for each season. For instance, yellow daffodils are best for January to May weddings, and white casa Blanca lily flower is perfect for January to October weddings.

Create a budget:

According to an estimate, most people prefer to spend 8% of the money on their wedding flower arrangements. You could end up spending according to your requirements and find out what flowers could look appropriate and suit your budget as well.

Make sure you finalize your bouquets before meeting with the florists or choosing anyone for the job. It will help you know how much you want to spend on the overall floral arrangement or decoration.

Find the best wedding flower delivery service:

As soon as you got a ring on your finger, you start planning your wedding. Your dress, your revenue, food, and the important things that make a difference.

However, when it comes to choosing a floral bouquet, very few people give a thought to hiring a wedding flower delivery service. The reason is, they don’t have an idea about why hiring the right florist for weddings is equally important.

Therefore, when you plan for the wedding, make sure you contact the right flower delivery service in Hamilton. But before choosing any option, do not forget to check their previous work. When you check their work and reviews, you may get an idea about how they collect flowers for a bouquet, how they help provide large arrangements for the venue, and what flowers do they offer for a wedding centerpiece.

Keep the venue in mind:

Another important thing to ensure is, your wedding floral arrangements must complement the venue you select. For example, a bold and vibrant red roses bouquet would compliment a romantic boutique inn. Similarly, sunflower centerpieces might go well with an outdoor wedding venue.

When you choose the right flowers for your venue that matches your location, the event becomes more special, memorable, and beautiful.

Do not forget to tell your florist about the venue you are choosing so he can make a bouquet that reflects the location as well. Whether the bouquet needs to be rustic, bold, pastel, or simply white, the florist must need every detail to create the desired arrangement.

Remember, the flowers you choose for the venue must be different than the wedding reception venue. The type and colors of flowers should depend on the overall style or theme.

Stick to the color scheme:

Before choosing the flowers, always tell your florist about the color scheme. So, they can recommend the right flowers accordingly.

For instance, lily flowers are available in different varieties while hydrangeas have a very limited color palette. Remember, you don’t have to match the colors of flowers exactly to the wedding or the dress. Make a color scheme and use contrasting shades especially if you want the flowers to compliment your overall theme.

After that, a flower delivery service would help you choose the right flowers that complement your dress, venue, and other things that can look good in photos as well.

Wedding flowers for by season:

Have a look at some dazzling wedding flowers that suit well according to each season.

  • Spring: Tulips, hydrangeas, anemones, and peonies are best for the Spring wedding season.
  • Summer wedding flowers: If you are planning to get married in summer, garden roses, orchids, proteas, and sunflowers are the right options.
  • Fall wedding flowers: In the fall season, orange, yellow and red hues look well. Therefore, Dahlias, sunflowers, and ranunculus are the right options.
  • Winter wedding flowers: For winter weddings, amaryllis, poinsettias, and anemones look perfect.

Get the best flowers for wedding:

The types and patterns of flowers you choose for the wedding may set the tone of your event. That’s the reason, it’s essential to share all the details with your flower delivery service so they can provide flowers that best suit your event.

Whether you want to choose lilies for a wedding bouquet or centerpieces for decoration, Flower Delivery Hamilton is here to make things easy.

The bonus point is, they offer free same-day delivery in most locations. You can visit the website and check versatile flower arrangements for your wedding bouquets.