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A Guide to August Birth Flowers- Gladiolus and Poppy

Birthdays are one of the most special occasions that remind us about the beauty of life with our dear ones. Hence, we should celebrate the occasion in an extra special way to cherish all the happiness around us.

The occasion becomes more memorable and beautiful for the birthday person when they get a special gift from someone they love. So, do you know what could be the right birthday present for a person born in August?

It’s probably the August birth flower- gladiolus and the poppy.

Yes, it’s true and lucky for the people born in August. They are blessed with the two most elegant flowers that are associated with their birth month and have their own significance and uniqueness.

So, if someone in your friends or family celebrates their birthday in August, make sure you buy these two fabulous flowers to shower your love and kindness. But before that, you need to check out this guide that gives complete information about these flower types.

Gladiolus- Their Meaning and Origin:

The elegant, love and lively flower gladiolus is the primary and official August birth month flower which truly represents integrity, strength, power, and infatuation.

The flowers belong to the Iris family “glads” are also known as sword lilies due to their long and sharp-pointed leaves. They also have long flower stalks with pointed tips.

Its Latin name is Gladius that also refers to the word sword-swinging gladiators of ancient Rome.

The gladiolus flower is basically a native to Africa as well as some particular areas around the Mediterranean and the Middle East. According to history, these gladiolus plants were originated in Europe around the 18th century.

In the 1820s, gardeners began to cultivate these flowers and build multiple hybrid varieties. After that, it later became extremely popular in every garden and florists cut them to add in the bouquets.

Gladiolus is also a flower that has been used to give as a gift for the 40th anniversary.

Representation of Gladiolus by Colors:

August’s birth flower gladiolus symbolizes remembrance, infatuation, love, strength, and integrity. The flower is available in almost every color. Let’s have a look at some common colors and their meanings.

  • Red Gladiolus:

Like all the red flowers on earth, the red gladiolus also represents love, romance, and passion. Especially if you want to take your relationship to the next level with someone, gift them gladiolus flowers on their birthday.

The meaning of infatuation and love associated with this flower is a perfect representation of your love on their special day.

  • Pink Gladiolus:

Now just like red gladiolus, pink flowers are also associated with love and infatuation. Though they are a bit less than red and associated with kindness and gentleness.

You can give that pink gladiolus to someone you deeply care about but are just being a good friend.

  • Yellow Gladiolus:

As we all know that yellow flowers are associated with friendship. So, this could be a great gift for someone you have become friends with. The flower represents positive energy, cheerfulness, and brightness.

  • Purple Gladiolus:

Purple flowers look unique, bright, and extremely fresh. Therefore, purple gladiolus stands for beauty, royalty, and good fortune. Whether you want to wish your colleague or a close friend, send them purple gladiolus to express all the love you have in your heart.

Personality Traits of August Birth Flower Gladiolus:

We have learned that the Gladiolus flower represents integrity and strength, but you must be wondering what this flower says about the personality of someone born in August. Let’s explore some personality traits of August-born people.

  • Uniqueness
  • Strength
  • Powerful
  • Integral in thoughts
  • Intelligent and genius

Poppy- Another August Birth Flower:

Enough about Gladiolus, now let’s turn to the second August birth flower called Poppy.

This flower is unique in its appearance and quite large in shape. The flower appears in different vibrant shades that first originated in Asia and Europe.

Among all the colors, people love to give Red Poppy to their loved ones due to its symbolic importance. The flower is used to remember all the fallen soldiers and the Opium Poppy which represents peace, calm, sleep, death in legends.

According to the Victorian language of these flowers, Poppies usually represent eternal sleep and imagination.

These flowers also belong to the genus that comes from the Latin word pappa means (“milk”) which refers to the milky latex of the plant.

Poppy flowers

Meaning and symbolism:

As explained earlier, red poppy flowers represent remembrance during war times in the past. So, in the ancient era, Greeks and Romans used to give poppies to the dead ones and pray for them. I

n Japan and China culture, red poppy flowers symbolize true love and romance between couples.

Colors and Meanings of Poppy flowers:

Just like Gladiolus, these flowers are also available in different colors.

  • Red poppies: Represent remembrance and happiness
  • Yellow poppies: Sign of brightness and prosperity
  • Purple poppies: Symbolize warmth and enchantment
  • White poppies: Stand for consolation (usually for funerals)

Interesting Facts About Poppies:

  • Poppy flowers cultivate in Flanders and Belgium fields where many battles took place in the past. Thus, the red poppies represent the blood spilled in the war.
  • In World War One, these flowers get disappeared due to the continuous bombing on the battlefields. All the destruction caused in the war prevented the growth of flowers for many seasons.
  • The culinary seeds of the flower are a great source of minerals, iron, and calcium that could be derived from the opium poppy.

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